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  • Lit Gant says:

    Local Police
    National Guard

    This is the three tier use of power that can be used against domestic revolt. It is clear that all the resources necessary are being supplied to the local police departments to stop OCCUPY. If it the numbers swell, and the police can no longer control the people who protest, the National Guard contingency is ready to step in. You will see tanks, big trucks, guns, machine guns, and it is possible of the people continue to protest: SOMEONE WILL GET KILLED. If something sparks an afraid soldier and he starts firing at the protestors there can be lots of blood shed. Pictures of the bloody dead will then be used to invite additional protestors. Then there could be armed protest and this becomes a revolution.

    This is the the manner and process the revolts took to bring down several Islamic nations.

    Can America survive the OCCUPY movement?

    It is obvious all this OCCUPY is rooted in the Wall Street corruption by banks involved in the mortgage business. Specifically the criminal conduct used in the securtized notes and mortgages and sold to investors. The fraud used to obtain borrowers, knowing they were going to destroy home ownership, corrupt the land records, and cause millions of people to be thrown out of their homes after they have lost their jobs.

    The entire crash of the economy can be tied to the fraudluent Wall Street mortgage industry. Why would Obama give the banks billions to prop them up if the banks were not involved?

    I am not sure what America needs, but we need a new economic system where Wall Street, banks, and the federal reserve no longer control the people as they currently do.

    Until pressure is put on the office of the president and our elected congressmen/women: there will be little or no change. The plan now is to wear out the protestors, make them have a hard time to continue because of winter weather, and continue to beat them up with billy-clubs and baseball bats, while spraying them with pepper spray and tear gas.

    OCCUPY has taken on an attitide of defiance and it has now become an attitude of hate and distrust for all police departments. People are now seeing just how evil and ruthless the police can be when they are ordered from the mayors to stop the protestors no matter what. And the news media has joined the stop OCCUPY movement by slanting the news and reporting to focus on the few nuts. But let me say here, there are no more or greater nuts among the OCCUPY movement than there are who support the police. But the media and talk-radio mockers focus on these few nuts to make it appear everyone in the OCCUPY movement are of the same mind.

    Maybe the OCCUPY movement can eventually crash police powers and make them ineffective. But this can only happen if the OCCUPY protestors begin to number in the millions and in each city they must spread out and divide the police into smaller numbers so they cannot block a bridge, block a street, block a building, and as such become totally outnumbered.

    Ok, I support OCCUPY.

    Let all things be done without violence, injury, and loss of life.

    Can Americans show the world how to topple a nation without arms and firing one shot?

    • I fear that America cannot. A terrible irony that America preached peaceful, democratic non-violent revolution, but the powers in control of this country are far more sinister than those we demonized over the years.
      Hold on to your backside, cause this is gonna hurt.

  • Concerned reader says:

    Capt. Ray Lewis is an American hero. Watch his interview on MSNBC with Chris Hays, Corporate America Using Police As Hired Thugs

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