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Responding to The Troll Who Enjoys That Courts Have Declared War on Foreclosure Defendants…..

bar-ethics-flIn case you haven’t been following, an anonymous troll has been logging onto my page and throwing around comments to my post,




I would encourage everyone here to log in, read the post then look to the comments below and read what he’s got to say.   And while we’re on the word “courage”, note that this coward refuses to identify himself and prefers to make his cute little comments from the shadows.   Normally I would ignore the fella, but something about him, her, it has intrigued me.   He could very well be a paid shill, one of the public relations hacks out there that are paid for by the banks…perhaps he’s a government employee like from Homeland Security…they all make frequent visits to this site and others.   Who knows if it’s a he, but I’ll refer to him in the male tense.

I wonder if this fella has ever seen the inside of one of these new breeds of foreclosure courtroom?   I wonder if he’s watched as Due Process and Justice and whatever faded notions of the Rule of Law are flushed down the toilet so that we can get down to the real important business of….


I wonder if he’s sat there and watched an old, disabled family begging for mercy and offering credible proof that they had tried to work with their bank, maybe even been trying to make payments….only to have the cruel and uncaring hand of the judicial system that is supposed to do equity slam down the gavel and throw them out into the street.   I sense by his comments that he would snicker and laugh at them, taking some kind of cruel pleasure in the suffering of the most vulnerable in our community.

To this troll, and unfortunately, to a judicial system that is now operating under a quota system, every new Final Judgment of Foreclosure represents success for our state’s legal system.   Never mind that many of these Final Judgments are infected with the document fraud, forgeries and crimes that are detailed in the settlement agreements, the indictments, the Bar Ethics opinions, each of which demand that the court be advised that such false, forged and fabricated evidence be brought to the attention of a judge.   It’s just astonishing to me that the Lorriane Brown indictment calls for restitution for the victims of her crimes,


And yet, the cases continue not just unabated, but with cold fury on the part of a judicial system that demands CASE CLOSURE over the legitimacy of our nation’s legal system.   I am flabbergasted that although the Florida Bar issued a very clear and direct ethics opinion on this matter, I am aware of not a single case where this edict was followed.

I wonder what is occurring in the mind of a troll that would revel in such lawlessness.   But then I wonder just what has happened in this entire nation where lawlessness rules.   How did an entire nation come to believe the ignoring all these high level bank crimes and ignoring the knowing complicity of all the lower level co-conspirators in this crime spree was somehow productive in the long run?   Does no one acknowledge that wages of all this sin is death?   Death of what was our notions of a legal system?   How should an entire nation of people, knowing full well that those at the top of the pyramid not just got away with this crime spree, but were rewarded respond when they are called upon to respect the laws, the courts, the government.

Should the entire nation begin engaging in widespread, “surrogate signing” and forgery and fraud?   Should we all just ignore the fact that laws and a legal system formed the very foundation upon which our nation was built?   Before you respond, I get it….they did not pay their mortgage…but I’m asking for a more expansive though…something beyond each individual case…the extrapolation of where this all ends up.

No one seems to want to think about these things. People like this troll, and those that work within the evil empire that he works for clearly view their victories in the short run….ignoring the long term and more far reaching consequences of all this.

I have pity on the troll…and all those serpents that lay down with him.


  • rod cronk says:

    The banks own the politicians and courts …a sad state of affairs for us “little people”

  • jerry jurden says:


    Don’t waste your time on this idiot / Sad he would be one of those that shoot the kids in the elementary school . That is how ignorant the fool is and his soul is not worth it .

    Amazing what slime can crawl out of the gutter .

    Remember Troll whom ever you are may God have pity upon your lost soul male or female Hell is waiting there for you.

    If you have any guts I call you out since Matt is too much of a good man to lower himself to a level below this earth to put you in your place .


  • got a postcard today Matlta v Wells Fargo Home Mortgage ? c/o ILYM group

    know anything about it?

  • Florida’s Dooh Dooh Process known as Rocket Docket will I assure You result in some Dooh Dooh falling on those perpetrating the CRIMES … keep the info coming Matt ….. Optime Merenti …… As for the Troll … Wait Until the Other Shoe Falls <—<<<

  • Deborah Orr says:

    Tell our lawmakers that we are watching them and we aren’t going to just sit and let them pass laws to take our homes. Petition went up late last night. PLEASE SIGN the petition and use our email or change it to suit your needs. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO TELL THEM WHAT YOU THINK!

    TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW, whether they live in Florida or might own property in Florida some day.

    ” The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

  • Troll you are either ignorant to the facts fraud and piracy of the banks enabled by the judicial system, or you are a heartless SOB, who cares nothing about the rule of law and harmed victims. Are you in the banking industry? Sounds like you would fit in the place of employment, along with the rest of the financial psychopaths.

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