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Republicans and Democrats All Deserve To Be IMPRISONED!

From Market Ticker:
Fraud is a crime.   When material amounts of money are involved it’s a felony.   Both major political parties, all 536 of their members who infest Washington DC, are guilty of this offense and must be imprisoned.
Here’s why.
You have all heard by now I’m sure that there are two “must do’s” before 12/31 when it comes to tax policy and such — the first is AMT and the second is the so-called “Doc Fix” for Medicare and Medicaid.
Why are both of those annual things?   Why have neither party fixed this permanently?   Why were the Bush “tax cuts” set to expire?   Why are the other “tax cuts” such as the Payroll tax cut automatically set to expire?
The answer is fraud.   Outrageous, criminal, seditious fraud.   Fraud upon the public.   Fraud upon ratings agencies.   Fraud upon bond-buyers.   Fraud upon the CBO.
Why do I level this charge?   Because it is irrefutably true.
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  • Collene Collins says:

    Fraud is a crime that these Banks are getting away with. We lost our home of 24 years to an illegal foreclosure. There was no NOD (because we weren’t in default) No Notice of Sale, nor was the illegal sale published in the newspaper. All are violations of MA foreclosure laws. The Judge ignored all the Facts of Law and sided with the bank. They bought the home with an INVALID CREDIT BID. Long involved story but ours is different because we had almost 100% equity and we had a perfect payment history! These Judges have to be penalized also!

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