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Report to Florida Senate: Foreclosure Delays Caused By Banks (But let’s reward them anyway)

As the Florida Legislature considers foreclosure reform, the bills they are considering DO NOTHING TO ADDRESS THE PROBLEM THEY HAVE BEEN PRESENTED.

The problem, which is made very clear in the attached video, is that Plaintiffs who filed foreclosure cases, choose not to pursue those cases.

One major problem that is totally unaddressed by all these discussions is the legislature and Supreme Court demanding that circuit courts clear foreclosure cases in 12 months. First, it may very well not be practical to clear these cases in 12 months even in the best of circumstances and second, why is there any requirement at all?   Justice should not have a calendar or a stopwatch associated with it.

All this discussion ignores a very real problem and that is all this discussion about


Sets up a real conflict between the attorneys and activists that are fighting and defending homeowners.   By doing our job, fighting and defending we are in conflict with the courts and all of state government. And this is certainly why we experience such overt hostility in courtrooms and from policy makers.

We are the enemy of The System, and we are being treated as such.




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