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Foreclosure Defense Florida


move-on-orgWAKE UP PEOPLE, the devil is seriously at the door….it you look through the peep hole, you can see his horns.   In yet more proof that the banksters own both the ReThUGlicans and Democrats it is rumored that in 48 hours, the deal with the devil will be inked in blood….




  • neidermeyer says:

    You need to beware when reposting from leftist websites like that you moderate their hatred … you included their ReTHUG wording but didn’t change Democrat to DemocRAT …

  • Cheryl says:

    You have linked to a site that will not show the article, requiring registration.

  • Cheryl says:

    I see this is just a petition to sign and not an article you linked too. Matt, do you really think you can make a deal with the devil and negotiate with the dark forces in power in the U.S. Govt? They only kick things down the road a little, shelve things and then bring them back for secret like voting while people are unaware.

    You can’t negotiate with this government nor petition it, because these people in power have a pre-determined agenda. Why bother to sign a petition and send it to the devil’s servant? Obama’s clearly a satanist and there’s no negotiating as such.

  • JR Homeowner says:

    ” ReThUGlicans “????
    Really Matt???!

    I honestly had expected much better of you counselor.

    This foreclosure crisis isn’t a ideological or partisan war my friend. For most of us it all about THE RULE OF LAW, and like it or not Matt, one of the core foundational principles of being a conservative, (Republican), is a strong belief in RULE OF LAW.

    Having been deeply involved in Republican Party politics in the state of Florida for many years , I can tell you uneqivocally that fraudclosure fighters have many friends on BOTH sides of the political spectrum and probably more friends on the Republican side of the aisle than you might imagine. Now is certainly NOT a time to alienate anyone who would join our cause, especially good folks within the Republican political party who would differ with their pro-bank colleagues. More simply put, We need all the friends we can get Matt.

    Please don’t start drawing lines in the sand that you didn’t need to draw.

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