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Foreclosure Defense To Meet at The Florida Bar Annual Meeting, Friday June 25, 2010

Foreclosure Defense Practitioners, Friday June 25, 2010 Boca Raton Resort and Club

The Tampa / St. Petersburg area is blessed with an very active and very dedicated group of foreclosure defense attorneys.   We meet regularly in person and are all networking, calling, sharing Orders over the phone.   The result is that some of the most sophisticated and well-developed law in this newly critical area of the law is coming out of our courtrooms.   The leaders who you read about on this blog, including members of the Jurists Engaged in the Defense of Title Integrity, will be attending the Florida Bar’s Annual Meeting in Boca Raton

We are negotiating with the Florida Bar right now to see if the can provide us with a room to meet in.   If they cannot provide us with a   room, we’ll just have to find an area where we can all sit down and meet, “freestyle”.   Bottom line is the objective will be to bring in members from across the state to share our experiences, trade motions and memos and have a “crisis room” style free for all so that we can all get a feel for how foreclosures are being treated across the state.

We want to meet with our colleagues from across the state, especially from the South Florida region to discuss case strategy and developments, especially implementation of the new Supreme Court Rules and emerging appellate issues.

More information to be provided later. For now, mark your calendars for Friday June 25, 2010.   I will provide more details once I can lock down a room.   Given the wildly valuable meetings we have locally, I think we could have a full-day free for all where we all share information and develop real comprehensive strategies.

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