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Real Heroes in The Foreclosure Fight!

One of the most rewarding things about this epic battle that is the foreclosure fight is meeting homeowners and other advocates who are standing up and fighting for themselves and fighting for the heart and soul of our courthouses.

Our courts, our judges, our way of life is being transformed right before our eyes as real people are going into our courthouses and fighting for their homes and their own families.     If we do make it out of this profound economic crisis…and unfortunately that is very much uncertain at this point in time…our courts and our legal system will be better off.   It may be a bit of a difficult transition at first as courts have to cope with accommodating consumers, but from what I’ve seen our courts and our judges are adapting.

In some ways I’ll bet many of the judges appreciate seeing real people in their courtrooms.   For decades judges have slaved away, largely in obscurity with only other lawyers to interact with.   Now, they see real people and hear their stories first hand, not filtered through their lawyers.   Given the impossible task and pressures they are under, I think our judges are largely handling this crisis very well.   Keep supporting those who are out their doing their jobs and let’s all keep working to help every judge understand that the equities in these cases largely favor that homeowner standing in front of them.   Read below a comment made by a reader, because it really makes an important point we all should keep in mind….

Unbeknownst to many people, we have only seen the tip of the mortgage crisis.     The scariest part currently of this crisis is that people are losing hope.     They are becoming indifferent to losing their homes and are losing their pride in living the American dream.     The common consensus is ” why bother”¦the bank doesn’t care…why should I?     I will just go rent.”   The American dream has gone from aspiring to own your own home to just hoping to  keep your home.

Finally, please watch this video which features my friend and one of my heroes Lisa Epstein and the ForeclosureHamlet website.   It’s encouraging when the press is reporting the foreclosure story from the consumer point of view.   Stories like this one and the other recent article in Mother Jones are helping to shift the public discussion about foreclosures into a much more sophisticated discussion that considers both the root causes of this crisis and the potential long term consequences.

Make sure to watch the video here and KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT!

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  • rstracksr says:

    My thinking is we now need to bring the fight to the sidewalks at the locations of the foreclosure mills (Peacefully organized and within the law permits to protest?) What do you think? Let me know, we can get it done together.

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