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Read What Torture Your Government is Dishing Out….IN YOUR NAME

We all need to own what has happened for ten years in Cuba, and what continues even today.   Ironically, we think we have the moral authority to criticize Fidel Castro for what he did on this very same island?

(just take a look here for some real examples)

GOD HELP US ALL is all I have to say. And damn us all for ignoring all this for 10 years, focused on football and shopping and all the nonsense that occupies our meaningless daily lives. Shame on every one of us for sending children into schools to talk about the lies and the propaganda that is in our textbooks. Shame on reporters and frankly the entire press corps in this country for being corrupt cogs in a very evil machine.

How can a just God permit such unspeakable crimes against humanity to be carried out? And how much is He desecrated when such crimes are professed to be carried out in His name?   Here is just a sampling of what has been done in your name.   Now keep in mind that many of the people who were subjected to this have long ago been cleared, by our own military, of any wrongdoing:

“¢ severe sleep deprivation combined with 20-hour-per-day interrogations, all continuing for months at a time;
“¢ prolonged solitary confinement (including isolation for several months prior to November 23, 2002);
“¢ religious and sexual humiliation, including strip searching and forced nudity in the presence of female personnel, and being forced to wear a bra and a women’s thong on his head;
“¢ various other forms of humiliation (being forced to bark like a dog, wear a leash like a dog, dance with a mask on his face, pick up piles of trash with his hands cuffed while being called ” a pig”);
“¢ denial of the right to practice his religion, including prohibiting him from praying for prolonged times and during Ramadan, threatening to desecrate the Koran in front of him, shaving his beard, and forcing him to pray to Osama Bin Laden;
“¢ forcible administration of IVs by medical personnel during interrogation; denial of access to a toilet so that he would be forced to urinate on himself;
 “¢ repeatedly placing him in tight restraints and in stress positions; beatings; threats and attacks by military working dogs;
“¢ exposure to low temperatures for prolonged times, often while doused with water;
“¢ exposure to loud music for prolonged times;
“¢ threats made against his family, including female members of his family;

“¢ threats of extraordinary rendition to countries that torture more than the United States

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