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Read A Transcript of A Foreclosure…..Trial?

Our courtrooms are public spaces.   Historically, courtrooms are among the most sacred of public grounds and our founding fathers, and generations of lawyers and statesmen since our country’s founding took great risk and fought long odds to protect the foundation and legacy that in this country trials occur in the full view of the public glare.

Our country has been lost, in large measure by my estimation, because the people took too much for granted.   In the good times we, the public, the stewards of the Constitution, the keepers of our own liberty turned our backs on staying involved, remaining vigilant and holding people, officials and the entire system accountable.

When We The People abandoned the public square and conceded the sacred territory of our statehouses, our courtrooms all of that territory,   all of those spaces were consumed by partisan activists, corporations and officials, both elected and appointed who used our government our republic, our freedoms to fulfill their own self interest.   In prior epochs of our nation’s history our legislators, our elected and appointed leaders and the leaders of business respected a common interest in protecting liberty and the rule of law and conforming their own self interest to that of the body politic.   The memories of that age fade like the fuzzy picture on a small black and white television, a clothes hanger   rabbit ear antenna perched and unstable on top.

The statesmen are gone and the patriots and protectors of our most sacred values must choose between daily survival and the consequences of daring to remind others that our liberty and freedom were once symbolized by a torch, a flame held high and proud and brightly, but that flame is dim.   And as a commentator noted…..

” Given the current state of things, I’m sure there are a lot of people deliberately deciding to adopt a low profile, politically or socially. A lot of this has to do not so much with politics but what your neighbors or your coworkers will say about you, right? If you tell them something that is actually happening in the world, you will be labeled a conspiracy theorist; they’ll look at you as if you’re crazy. But what about the activists? At a certain stage, the great mass of people will look around for leadership figures. When the economic crisis comes, they’re going to want someone to tell them how to get out of it. They’re not going to know the answers themselves. The question is, will there be activists, leadership figures, proposing the right solutions ““ and how soon will they come along?”

And now the transcript:

Transcript removed…..the chill.


  • JuanP says:

    Is that a judge admitting evidence for the Plaintiff? And directing Plaintiff’s witness? Where is the bank’s attorney?

  • JuanP says:

    I should say submitting and not admitting…


    Outrageous! (read the transcript)

    That trial was a joke. The judge prosecuted the claim. I certainly hope this is going up on appeal and referral as to the judge.

    Only in Florida do you have this kind of conduct. Just unbelievable.

  • learning2 says:

    Great article. You sound hopeful, though the transcript sounds very dismal for future fights. This too shall be overturned, one day.

    I came to your site to give you a bit of encouragement. Check this link out…you are not fighting an imaginary enemy. Its by design. Perhaps we’ll learn more about how the judges are corrupt and coerced into their behavior these past few years.

    Keep your chin up. Best Regards!

    p.s. interesting. i hit submit and they said i was timed out. “Your request timed out. Please retry the request.”..hmmm. there is a cache plugin for wordpress. maybe you should consider installing it. i’ve had trouble getting your site to load on numerous occassions. but, this time out issue is very interesting. i use private windows in Opera lately…

  • learning2 says:

    I thought you may be interested in these 2 postings:

    not necessarily for publication…just another thread on corruption and illegal acts of u.s. and justice system

  • John Anderson says:

    This is exactly what has happened in my time in court.
    The Judge takes on the role of plaintiffs attorney and asks the questions. I felt it was weird when at my first hearing the plaintiffs attorney stated her name, when asked about the assignment she said “Isn’t it with the papers” and “what did you say” when he screamed after showing me a copy of the note, I read it and said that I was willing to give the plaintiffs a copy of some money, he screamed “hearing is postponed you’ll have to file your assigns”
    Round 2 the Judge asked 9 out of 10 questions.
    It’s pretty easy being the foreclosure attorney in this judges court. It’s like this guy is full of payoff pie. And what a asskisser.

  • Where is the transcript, why did you remove it.
    I need info. on a Scott Scheiner, VP for MErs and Citi…….Please help.

    Thank you Amor

  • I’m so upset with David J. Stern, Jeff Tew and the rest….Where is the Florida BAR. Bunch of corrupts……I hope and pray that someday I’m called as a juror in this Banana Republic of ours.

    Bunch of Thieves these lawyers and the Miami Dade County Retired Judges on Secc. 50, what a joke to see these bunch of old men and women serving as rocket docket judges, when they weeks a way from being at retirement homes.

    The Florida Governor, The Atty Grl, Pam Bondy and the rest, they dont give a rat’s ass.


    • John Anderson says:

      Part of a class action lawsuit.

      Moody Loan #3 Madison Circuit 09-CI-1522 Citimortgage, Inc. Plaintiff.
      Manly Deas Kochalski Counsel of Record
      -Promissory Note to American Home Mortgage Acceptance, Inc. -No Promissory Note Assignment. -MERS Mortgage ” acting solely as nominee for American Home Mortgage.” – American Home Mortgage. Assets were sold in Bankruptcy 8/5/08. 2/23/09 liquidated in Bankruptcy. Extinct entity. -10/1/09 Mortgage Assignment recorded. – Mortgage Assignment defective on its face pursuant to KRS 382.270 and 382.290. -Mortgage Assignment drafted by Counsel of Record, Manley Deas Kochalski. -Mortgage Assignment executed in the state of Missouri by CitiMortgage employee, Scott Scheiner (alleged robo-signer,) as ” Vice President” of MERS claiming he was simultaneously acting on behalf of MERS, and the bankrupt/extinct entity, American Home Mortgage, as grantors for the benefit of his employer, the grantee, CitiMortgage. -CitiMortgage employee, Alex Crossman, Notary
      Litigation pending.

      More info @

      Also send the doc’s to

      Good Luck

  • Discovering says:

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