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In Florida, the rights of the criminal banking enterprises that caused the financial collapse and continue to cause the destruction of the American economy, and in so doing, destroy the security and stability of the entire country, are rewarded as partners in government, granted rights, privileges and benefits that consumers and citizens cannot ever hope to experience.

The end produce is pure madness kicking families out of homes that banks do not work and this madness is paid for by the American taxpayer. Increased costs of social services while at the same time pumping more money back into the banks and institutions that stole the money in the fist place.

But in other states, Massachusetts most notably, public officials passed laws that require sensible resolutions: Keep families in their homes.  We could have adopted such measures in Florida, but instead we went entirely in a different direction rewarding criminal banking institutions (they after all make campaign contributions), while punishing individual consumers


Attorney General Martha Coakley gave Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae fair warning.

Now, she’s making good on her promise.

On Monday, Coakley slapped the Federal Housing Finance Agency with a complaint alleging that mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae aren’t complying with Massachusetts law. The Federal Housing Finance Agency oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

In an act of genius, Coakley drafted a 2012 state law devised to help distressed homeowners facing foreclosure. Among its provisions, it forces banks and lenders to allow sales of homes in foreclosure to non-profit organizations that will be resold or leased to the former owners.

No one can say this lawsuit came without warning.

Coakley and her underlings wrote three letters warning of non-compliance, first in April 2012 and again in May 2014.
“Despite several and explicit demands by the Commonwealth, Defendants have failed or refused to suspend or alter their policies to ensure compliance with Massachusetts law,” the complaint reads.


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