If you’re online searching for a “probate attorney near me”, then you are already in a position where you are dealing with probate. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of responsibilities that come with having to deal with the probate process and on top of that, you may feel like the last thing you want to do is to add the hassle of trying to find an attorney. So, do you actually need a probate attorney?

Probate Attorney Near Me: Do You Need A Probate Attorney?

The time and effort that goes into searching for a reputable probate attorney can feel overwhelming particularly when you are dealing with the responsibility of being the executor of an estate and grieving at the same time. It’s certainly not uncommon to feel as though your responsibilities are just too much and to question why you should hire a probate attorney anyway, but the truth is that this feeling of being overwhelmed is the reason why you should invest time in looking for a probate attorney.

How a Probate Attorney Can Help You With the Probate Process

So, what can a probate attorney do to help you to survive the probate process? With the work that goes into finding a reputable attorney, you may be asking yourself what they can do for you that makes that work worth it. I can’t tell you what every individual probate lawyer will do for you, but as the top probate attorney in St. Pete, I can tell you what I do for my clients to make the probate process easier for them.

Advising the Executor of the Estate

If you have been named the executor of the estate then you likely knew it before your loved one passed away. Knowing that you are going to be appointed an executor of the estate does not automatically mean that you are prepared to take on the role, however. The probate process is a long one that involves a lot of responsibilities and when you are unfamiliar with the probate court, those responsibilities can feel overwhelming making it easy to overlook duties. As your probate attorney, I work closely with you as the executor of the estate to ensure that you understand the responsibilities of your role and the duties that each responsibility involves.

Answering Questions

Because most of us don’t think about having to serve as the executor of an estate until the responsibility is handed to us, it’s common to have a LOT of questions. Fortunately, we live in a technological age where many of those answers are at our fingertips 24-7. Unfortunately, because anyone and everyone has access to the internet and the opportunity to voice their opinion, this can result in a lot of misinformation. This is one reason why it’s always best to have a probate attorney on your side rather than trying to “wing it” as an estate executor and just look up answers to your questions online. As an experienced probate lawyer, I answer your questions based on my law school education, my experience with probate, and my professional network of peers and resources so that you never have to worry about being misinformed.

Assisting with the Sale of Estate Property

In some probate cases, estate property must be sold in order for creditors or taxes to be paid or for assets to be distributed between beneficiaries. When estate property is being sold there are some regulations in place that regulate the selling process and it’s important that you abide by those regulations so that you don’t face accusations of misconduct or failure of fiduciary responsibility. Your probate attorney will help you not only to understand the regulations on selling probate estate property, but they will also help you to sell the necessary property as well.

Getting Property Appraisals

In some instances, it’s necessary for the executor of an estate to get estate property appraised so that it can be sold or distributed fairly. It is extremely important to the probate court that property appraisals are done accurately and professionally and as the estate executor it’s your duty to make sure that happens. If you have a probate lawyer on your team, however, they can help you to take care of the process quickly and efficiently using resources that are trusted by the court.

Accounting and Taxes

One of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of serving as the executor of an estate is the financial responsibility. Not only do you have to get appraisals on property, but you also have to ensure that final expenses, taxes, and creditors are all paid. Filing the final tax documents and keeping accurate accounting records is important to the integrity of the estate but it’s also important to your integrity as an executor. One small mistake in the financial records and you could be facing charges of misconduct! A good probate attorney, however, will make sure that you have a reputable and experienced probate accountant and tax representative on your team. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your role as executor and to wrap up the probate process as soon as possible.

Asset Distribution

For many estate executors, the distribution of assets among beneficiaries can be one of the most intimidating parts of their job. While most asset distribution processes are simple enough and go smoothly, there are incidences where things don’t go quite as well. You may find yourself facing argumentative and emotionally charged beneficiaries who take their feelings out on you as the executor, you may also find yourself overwhelmed by the fairness of distributing assets equally. To avoid this burden, you can arrange for your probate attorney to help you with the asset distribution.

Ready to Stop Searching For a “Probate Attorney Near Me”?

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