The campaigns to elect local judges are perhaps the most important races to consumers because they have the greatest impact on our personal lives. The problem is, voters typically know very little about those races.  I want to encourage all voters in Pinellas County to pay particular attention to races that will make a real difference and to make some small campaign contributions.

I will continue to send out emails and posts, and would ask that all of you forward these around…do your own research as well,

but please join me in supporting Ken Lark for Judge!

I will say one thing about Ken Lark that stands out in my mind above all else…he has worked this campaign harder than any of the other candidates…he’s been in it the longest and has been out there pounding the pavement tirelessly.  For that reason alone, he is showing the kind of commitment we need.

Here is his website:


Voters need to understand that in Pinellas County we have several judge seats that are open.  Judicial candidate file to run in a judicial seat when it comes open. In Pinellas County we have several judicial races that are being contested.  These are all very good candidates, but you can only pick one. I have highlighted the candidate that I think is most qualified…please do your part and support!

6th Circuit Court Group 1
Laura Snell
Susan St. John

6th Circuit Court Group 2
Ken Lark
Alicia Polk
Alan Scott Rosenthal

6th Circuit Court Group 16
Brian Battaglia
Kimberly “Kim” Sharpe

6th Circuit Court Group 21
Amanda Colon
Phil Matthey

6th Circuit Court Group 35
Hon. Bruce Boyer (incumbent)
Jon Newlon


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