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Pat Robertson Says: Put Bankers in Jail, Florida Legislators Say, Put Floridians In The Street! NOW!

Robertson-BankersFlorida’s Republican party has been in control of this state for like 18 years.   That’s something to keep in mind anytime they start talking about doing anything to “fix things in this state”.

Now the Republican rhetoric used to be something like, “Uphold the Rule of Law”, “Respect Contracts”, “Hold Property Rights Sacred”

Of course reality has always been a bit of a moving target, but work with the rhetoric for a bit.

But if you listen to Florida’s Republicans, who just today, voted to Trash the Rule of Law, Disrespect Contracts and Violate Property Rights, you’ll see just how twisted and out of whack the whole state is.   They are intent on passing out a mess of a piece of legislation and utterly tone deaf to any comments or input from voters.

But listen to what an elder statesman and God of the Republican party has to say…..


Something for Florida’s elected leaders to keep in mind…..the current version of this legislation is a mess, but that doesn’t seem to be any impediment to slowing this thing down….




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