Florida consumers need an attorney general that will support the interests of consumers.  But we don’t have that.  Florida currently has an attorney general that works with banks and big business….and in doing so does such harm to Florida’s consumers.  It’s just disgusting.  Bondi is nothing but an extension of the universally reviled corporate demon Rick Scott.

And for this reason, I want to encourage every consumer in Florida to join and support the campaign of George Sheldon for Florida Attorney General.

Sheldon Says Bondi Is Doubling Down On Ethics With Trump’s Appearance At Her Palm Beach Fundraiser

TAMPA, FL– Attorney General Candidate George Sheldon challenged current Attorney General Pam Bondi to give Donald Trump back his $25,000 campaign contribution and cancel the $3,000-a-ticket fundraiser where Trump is a featured attraction this Friday.

“Pam Bondi seems to care more about raising money for her campaign than preserving the public trust in the Office of the Attorney General,” Sheldon said.

Three days after Bondi said she was reviewing a complaint against a Trump organization, the Donald J. Trump Foundation gave $25,000 to an organization Bondi’s campaign set up called “And Justice for All.”


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