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OUTRAGE!- While Soldiers Are Serving Abroad, The Banks Are Foreclosing Their Homes

The conduct of the banks in the midst of this foreclosure madness is nothing short of despicable, disgusting, disturbing.   They are wantonly violating all manner of laws, rules, procedures that have been in place from the time our country was founded….and they are getting away with it.

It’s bad enough when civilian’s rights are abused, but we cannot as a nation permit the rights of soldiers that serve our country to be violated.

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  • pam says:


    please pass on this information so your readers can take action. They can google Make Wall Street Pay and easily input a handful of answers regarding whether or not they are in foreclosure, and if not, how much value has their home lost and how much income have they lost. There is also room for individual commentary and this is all being sent to our house leaders as a BILL to Wall Street and the big banks. I am also attaching a post written by Neil Garfield. It’s encouraging! People are taking action. We EACH need to take action by writing, calling, or gathering. We have to be heard.

    Who will make them pay?
    You will.

    Yesterday, in six cities across Illinois, people stood together and demanded Wall Street banks like JPMorgan Chase pay their fair share to end the revenue crisis, create jobs, and stop illegal foreclosures.

    In New York City, thousands marched on Wall Street demanding that Millionaires and Big Banks pay their fair share.

    In North Carolina, community leaders made sure the shareholders of Bank of America faced up to the bank’s terrible record on foreclosures and devastating impact on our communities and economy.

    And, that was just this week.

    Next Tuesday, May 17: We Go Medieval

    JPMorgan Chase is holding their annual shareholder meeting at the Polaris Center in Columbus, OH””the second largest flat office building in the world””with, get this, an actual moat around the building.

    Considering that, we’ve decided to do what any normal, enraged-at-Wall-Street-and-big banks-American would do. It’s Robin Hood time. JP Morgan Chase and other big banks must pay their fair share, and at the Showdown in Ohio we will make our message clear.

    Be the first to see pictures and video from the Showdown in Ohio”¦

    Follow @streetactionNPA, RT all the action (#makewallstpay, #newbottomline), and become a fan of the Make Wall Street Pay Facebook page.

  • Would love to “share this” on my unfair foreclosures blog. I have the share this buzzer on my blog.

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