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Every day we all receive more and more proof that the deck is stacked against the 99%, that the 1% write the rules and they bend and twist and even kill rules if they do not like them.

The banks and the 1% did not like foreclosure meditations in Florida. How dare the Florida Supreme Court force the banks (who took billions of taxpayer dollars) force the banks to sit down at the negotiating table with the homeowners and the taxpayers that bailed them out?   The 1% viewed that as an outrage.   So what did they do? They did the very same thing the did when Florida’s Supreme Court passed the Verified Complaint Rule….THEY TOTALLY IGNORED THE FLORIDA SUPREME COURT!

Foreclosure Mediation has been an unmitigated failure in this state because the banks failed to participate in good faith.   The State of Florida invested millions of dollars in manpower hours and real dollars in establishing this program and just like the millions of dollars the State of Florida spent in investigating the banksters and all their wrongdoing….IT ALL GETS FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET!

Ignoring the courts and ignoring no less that the FLORIDA SUPREME COURT has become very much par for the course now in this state.   And they’re getting away with it.

They’re getting away with it in a very, very big way.

What will it take to make all this stop?   When will it end?

If you don’t understand why people are rioting in the streets, you’re not paying attention to what’s happening.   Your eyes aren’t open.


  • Mark Bowen says:


    How is this outrageous? Is there not a reason why mediation has failed? Don’t we all know by now that one cannot, and should not, mediate with fraudster Plaintiff banks that hold no real interest in a debt obligation? It’s not that the banks didn’t want to mediate, it’s that they knew they couldn’t because in well over 90% of foreclosure cases statewide, the Plaintiff banks had/have no standing, no cause of action. In fact, I would blame the Supreme Court for attempting to legitimize the banks frauds by even trying to force mediation. I, personally, would never offer up financial/asset information to anyone that I was in litigation against. Mediation, very much like a loan modification, does nothing but remove valuable rights from foreclosure defendants while at the same time handing over powerful litigation tools to what is, essentially, the enemy. Why capitulate to gangsters and their cohorts in every level and branch of government?

    • read the court comments on why it failed…it failed because the banks refused to participate. im furious that they continue to break every rule, spit on our courts, kick americans in the face and make extraordinary profit in doing so. i fear riots, unrest, marshall law and chaos because a fundamentally unfair system has grown so out of control and our courts again and again failed to step in and defend the rule of law.

  • Jane Letwin says:

    MATTHEW, the end of the mediation program may be the lesser of two evils, the worst evil being the cold-hearted ruse being imposed upon the borrower to expect a real mediation when the only thing they get is expense, wasted time, insults by a phone-remote voice who says they did not get the paper-work for the tenth time, and the actual inability of the voice on the phone to mediate anything and to make any concessions at all.
    The mediation idea was good but the players were not sincere. That is the epidemic tainting all of the phases of this national tragedy- that one side was holding all of the cards and the players did not have a chance in heck to succeed.
    And so it goes, until the Innocence Project gains momentum and the titles are recovered for all of the stolen homes and personal property- stolen by the invading banks and lawyers. Like the innocence project, we can create a template against which the docs can be measured, and if they do not measure up, then the title remains in the borrower, or if lost already, it goes back. Hooray for Bevilacqua v. Rodriguez!!!
    I am organizing my place in the project as we speak, suggesting to all whose homes are set for judicial sale to move for a postponement based on the fraud on the court, and demanding time to analyze the file and show the blatant fraud in the documents. It will not be difficult, but the Judiciary must face reality and afford some chance for justice to the borrowers.
    Thanks for your daily updates.

  • JamesM says:

    Mediation in civil actions is a very good idea.

    The problem is that the Plaintiffs were not required to file their proof of ownership of the note or disclose what trust really owns the note and who the legal trustee is, and a copy of the PSA.

    Note that in some other states where mediation has been implemented the courts have set out rules on what documents and proof the Plaintiff must file before the mediation. The documents that would prove up their standing and authority, before mediation commences.

    You can’t easily mediate allegations. There should have been some factual showing of authority, which stems from ownership of the note, before the Plaintiff’s could come to the table.

    The way it was working, Plaintiff’s had a list of documents and information the borrower was required to produce, most of which did not get used for a settlement but for later collection of a default judgement. The more income you showed in mediation the less likely they were to actually settle.

    Second issue, the servicers should not have been allowed to act for the lender in mediation becuase they have a vested intrest in it’s failure, for most of them participate in a percentage of any later default judgement. You don’t mediate in good faith when you are compensated more by failure of the mediation.

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