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OUTRAGE! Paramilitary Forces Pepper Spray Students on UC Davis Campus

College campuses are supposed to be places where young people go to learn and express themselves right?

And is there any venue more appropriate for PEACEFUL, NON-VIOLENT protest than a college campus?

I mean, I hear all the comments complaining about Occupy and how they’re interrupting business down on Wall Street and how you know, the cops should should just kill all those damn dirty hipppies, but isn’t a college campus a bit of a different situation?

Parents send their kids off to college and hope they’ll learn, expand their horizons and come home safe.

I don’t think any parent would expect their kids to be squirted like a cockroach with bug spray….and yet that’s just what the video shows.

(And if these campus cops think these kids are difficult now, just wait until the kids find out they’re slaves to college debt and that they’re future paychecks can be seized with no hearing and with no judicial process, then they’re really gonna go wild.)

Notice how the paramilitary forces with their helmets look more and more Nazi-like….then watch through to the end to see how the rest of the students respond…..





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