I field countless emails and phone calls from consumers all across the country who suffer abuses at the hands of the banks.   I have given up any hope that our government or regulatory agencies will do anything to stop the abuses…or even slow them down for that matter…they have just grown too powerful, and our government…at every level…is just too corrupt.

We live in a totalitarian, corrupt police-state.   We will just muddle along here in this country in a sort of suspended-animation until some event throws us into chaos.   We flit now from chaos to calamity, constantly moving between brinkmanship and collapse.   Something has to give and it will eventually. We cannot just moonwalk away from $14 trillion in debt.   We cannot just ignore the fact that our states and local governments are bankrupt.

The Corporations exist with one purpose in mind….to consolidate their power.   There are no limits to check their abuses.   The most dramatic example of this comes later this week when the feds announce their settlement with the major banks.   They’re all going to get totally off the hook with not so much as   slap on the wrist.   There will continue to be outrageous outrages.   Every single day. Things will get worse.   Much worse. There is no stopping them.

Read on for today’s Outrage of the Day!

I thought you would enjoy this, as part of the continuing saga of me vs. the Banks.

What has happened is that The Bank tried to get me to refi the property last year. I refused because the loan app contained material misstatements of fact. I tried to get them to correct the mistakes, but they refused. Since I did not initiate the refi in the first place, I informed them that I was not interested in lying to the US Government.
Apparently they tried to get me into a HUD loan so they could sell their paper.
After that, they started bullying me with this “vacant” or “abandoned” issue.
Even when the mortgage was current they had sent appraisers to do “drive by” appraisals and attempted to charge me for them. They also groused about the insurance being “inadequate” and attempted to force place me with their carrier which they own, at 10x the going rate.
When I produced appraised values on replacement value of the home, they recognized that they cannot force me to insure raw land only the structure, as that would violate the insurance code and the law.
They sent a surveyor out and surveyed my property, and attempted to re-insure title. That ended when I refused to pay for something I didn’t agree to.
Then they started with the insurance issues again.
They sent someone out to change my locks, right around Christmas. I told the guy I’d shoot him if he entered the home. He left.
They also got my neighbors to come over and ask me to call The Bank about my mortgage. That really rubs against the grain.
Since that time its been an all-out attack. They “agreed” not to harass me, IF I agreed to a loan modification. Fine.
So despite their non-disturbance agreement, and the loan mod (of course they lost the docs as soon as they acknowledged receiving them), they first acknowledged and then claimed they never received the mod docs.
They then sent a letter to my insurance carrier, advising the carrier that they determined that the property was vacant or abandoned. The carrier terminated my insurance coverage!
I got on the phone with the triple quadruple secret telephone number which I had to get from the Attorney General’s Office (apparently they’re in a tussle with the carriers and The Bank) and advised the carrier’s representative that not only am I in the property, but that The Bank has tried to “legally” burglarize my home through pre-planned bureaucratic computer generated letters.
They are now investigating The Bank and all the letters they received from them to see if the properties were actually abandoned.
Now they’re pissed because by terminating policies they lost premiums. Which means, for once, an insurance company will sue a bank in tort. There is such a thing as tortious interference with contract. Certainly if The Bank lied to the carrier, then the carrier has a basis to sue, even if the interference was unsuccessful, one has to wonder how many insureds simply got another carrier?
The letter from chase had a disclaimer, buried down about 3 paragraphs, that the carrier should conduct its own independent investigation (thereby throwing it on the carrier’s back); however, as I pointed out to the carrier’s representative and their legal department, since the carrier doesn’t have the resources to check up on this, they likely did to others what they did to me — take The Bank at its word.
The interesting thing was, that the carrier told me that “we” determined that the property was vacant. So I asked who’s “we”? I demanded it, as I planned on suing either the carrier or the individual who did this. That’s when they immediately yielded up the letter.
Today I got a personal apology and a reinstatement of my policy with assurances that they will investigate this further. Whether this is even true is beyond me. Corporate stuff shirts will say anything to look good. So I have virtually no faith in bureaucrats which is what I was dealing with.
From what I gather, The Bank has a pre-programmed scheme, in one of its computers, to automatically kick out breakin letters, then harass the carriers, and anyone else, to create the impression the property is vacant when in fact they know its not.
I’m waiting for the City to come in and declare my property abandoned and order FPL to cut power, which is another favorite thing The Bank does.
Its my opinion, at least from my own perspective, the Bank wants my home. And will stop at anything to get it. The dirtier they get, the stronger a case I have.

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