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Our SECRET to Resolving Consumer Disputes

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau!

consumer financial protection bureau We live in a state where individuals are victims of grossly abusive conduct of banks, corporations and individuals who are completely above the law.  I lose count of the amount of calls I get where banks break into homes, take property and terrorize people.

Most frustrating is the fact that in large measure, the courts refuse to hold these institutions accountable. At the state level, the policy of corporate control of all aspects of government is plainly on display and you have little chance of having any real government intervention to reign in abuses.

In the long run, this will all lead to very dangerous consequences all across this country.  America is no longer a democracy, this is a fascist corporate state where business pays for government to enforce their interests.  Regrettably, in far too many cases, courts fail to fulfill their role to protect and reign in the abuses….there has been too much creeping fascism or blending of corporate interest even among the judicial branch….you see this very much on display in oral arguments I’ve posted that shows judges making arguments for banks, when those arguments are completely unsupported by the banks own lawyers…

But there is one bright spot that shows there might be some hope…the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and their very aggressive enforcement actions.

I encourage consumers and attorneys to bookmark the complaint pages for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau then log in to file complaints. What we’re finding is very real success when we do so.

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