What is so wrong in this country is the vast criminality that has gone entirely unpunished.

Certainly not the petty crimes of the working class and middle class….those crimes are punished with ruthless efficiency. I’m talking about the billions of dollars that have been stolen from the American people by a banking and corporate elite which have rampaged across this country with ruthless efficiency and have suffered no consequence.

That’s not entirely true.  They certainly are experiencing consequences….exactly the sort of consequences you would expect from out of control criminals who are supported, protected and encouraged by the government that was supposed to regulate and offer some supervision.

The high level supervision or oversight, any thought that the federal government might ever do anything is delusional…..the federal government is, after all, entirely corrupted and co-opted by the bribes, the extortion, the campaign cash.

But what I find most disturbing is how, here at the local and community levels, those people who have real opportunity to balance the scales far too often just look the other way.  I’m talking of course about the blatant hostility that most consumers and citizens and certainly consumer and foreclosure defense attorneys find in the courtrooms in our community.  Right now, here in Florida, we are all suffering through The Great Foreclosure Purge, this gross exercise where the legislative and executive branches have demanded that foreclosure cases be cleared…and our formerly independent courts are responding to this demand….in many cases by tossing the Rule of Law out the window.

It’s a hopeless effort to attack the systemic fraud and corruption at the highest levels…by why cannot those who live and work in our communities…why cannot our state’s court system recognize that rewarding the criminal banking enterprises that have gutted not just the nation’s economy but have in fact robbed the pensions and life savings of the very state workers who inhabit the courts that, in many ways, operate not as independent temples of justice and law, but merely as collection agencies for criminal enterprises?  In plain English here’s what I mean….The Florida Retirement System is heavily invested in Mortgage Backed Securities.  Communities and municipalities all across Florida are likewise heavily invested in these criminally conspired Ponzi schemes.  In great measure, the complex Wall Street Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction are products of fraud and deception sold to those who should be stewards and fiduciaries of the personal and public purses, but instead they are modern day lemmings, following along to the pied piper song of Wall Street criminals.  Detroit did not go bankrupt entirely on its own….it had lots of help from Wall Street alchemists…..and Detroit is just the first example of what’s to come all across this country.  On a more personal level, Sheriffs, Judges, Teachers, Cops…they’ll eventually realize that the pensions and investments that they have entrusted to these criminals do not exist.

The connection to foreclosure about all this?  Well, those of us that spend our lives in foreclosure courtroom know full well the chaos, the fraud, the blatant criminality and recklessness that exists. We also see, everyday, how our country has made public policy and judicial decisions that no punishment will be meted out…..our courts, our country have made a grave and profoundly dangerous decision that they will allow these criminals to continue to run roughshod over our courts over our neighbors over our sense of justice and fairness.

God Help Us All.

One final point as you have a peek inside JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon’s home is that this private corporation is not private at all. It is a ward of the federal government…supported, paid for and rewarded by taxpayers…..our money pays the billion dollar fees so that these arrogant monsters can romp and cavort and flick the middle finger to all of us…..

‘We play tennis in the house because we’re transgressive and also we have billions of dollars and no accountability.’


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