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Ocwen Accused of Backdating (Fabricating) Letters

In court, good defense attorneys object to all the fabricated evidence the banks present to courts.  But judges always overrule those objections because, after all, “those are “the bank’s” business records Mr. Weidner”

The whole reason for rules of evidence is to make sure evidence that parties submit is proper, not fabricated, not forged.

And yes, Virginia, the banks are fabricating evidence.

Sadly they’re continuing to get away with it here in Florida. It’s bad enough that they get away with it at all…worse that it’s occurring in courtrooms…

Good attorneys will keep making objections. And judges will continue bending over backwards for banks, doing whatever is required (even violating all rules of procedure, evidence and law) in order to reward these vast criminal enterprises.

Revelations that Ocwen Financial Corp. (OCN:US), the largest U.S. nonbank servicer, backdated thousands of letters to struggling borrowers may violate the settlement it struck in December with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and 49 state attorneys general.

That agreement, reached in December 2013, was intended to resolve mortgage-servicing issues with homeowners at Atlanta-based Ocwen and companies it acquired over the years. Benjamin Lawsky, head of New York’s Department of Financial Services, said in a letter yesterday that Ocwen backdated thousands of loan modification denial notices to borrowers in 2012 and continuing into 2014. The backdating left some borrowers with insufficient time to appeal the denials, according to the letter, “likely causing them significant harm.”

“The existence and pervasiveness of these issues raise critical questions about Ocwen’s ability to perform its core function of servicing loans,” Lawsky wrote.


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