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OCCUPY- More Police Brutality, Remember The USA is a Protest Movement!

For those of you who criticize Occupy, do you not remember that the USA is, at its core a protest?   The very factors that lead to this nation’s conception are playing out in the Occupy Movement.   Our ancestors fought oppressive taxation which was debt slavery. These people are protesting oppressive interest which is debt slavery. And both are permeated by fraud and corruption.

And just like in the American Revolution, government forces are being aligned to attack and quash these demonstrations, these protests against tyranny and evil.

But regardless of the merits of these protesters, let us all remember that a cornerstone of our legal system and in fact our entire nation was the notion that every citizen had the right to speak and to protest and that those rights were to be zealously defended.

Well, watch the violence that is being employed by our nation’s standing domestic armies to quell such expressions of political dissent and understand just how far we’ve come…

Hey cops, when it comes down to it, are you willing to lay down your life to protect Goldman Sachs’ right to commit crimes and continue stealing from you and everyone else in this country?


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