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Obama's Propaganda Ministers Take Out Hit On Neil Barofsky's Bailout….

Neil Barofsk’s new book is one of the first to speak plainly about the corruption and regulatory capture that has destroyed this nation…..and of course, the minions of the corrupt empire are coming out to attack him.
But quite frankly, the fact that he is being attacked only gives him and his book far more credibility….
And a spirited takedown HERE:
It isn’t surprising that the knives are out. Former Special Inspector General of the TARP Neil Barofsky’s new book Bailout depicts the Treasury, where his effort was housed, as completely, hopelessly in thrall to the banks. While Hank Paulson at least seemed genuinely to appreciate the need for procedures and checks to protect taxpayers’ interests, Geithner chafed at any interference in catering to every whim of the financial services industry and used every bureaucratic trick at his disposal to undermine Barofsky.
Although Barofsky’s book has generally gotten very positive reviews, including one from the New York Times’ Gretchen Morgenson last weekend, a rearguard action by Friends of the Administration was inevitable. And it has come in the form of a book review by a Washington reporter for the Grey Lady, one Jackie Calmes.
Reader e-mails criticizing particular articles are infrequent. Ex Adam Davidson at his worst, I can’t recall a previous time when I’ve had more than one reader complain about a specific piece. But the Calmes review led two readers (both pretty reasonable regulars) to object to what both called a ” hit piece”

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