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Obama's 49 State Attorney General Sellout Was Just a Bailout(Bribe)(Payoff) For The Banks….

foreclosure-fraudIt’s not “our” government anymore.   Not at the local level, not at the state level, not in the courts and certainly not at the federal level. Trial court judges are often prejudiced against   the interests of the lowly unwashed masses of defendants that appear before them.   They often care not of the plight of the individual and frequently care less about the larger implications of the gross and systematic patterns of abuse.
And, as I learned so abruptly recently, Appellate Courts are unwilling to fulfill the sacred obligations to restore justice, righteousness and the Rule of Law to this sick and desecrated nation.
As I’ve said repeatedly before, the War is over and The Banks have won. At least for now.
But there will be other wars…those wars are raging now in Greece. Spain comes next, and then more of Europe.   Amerikans will be slower on the uptick but the anger and the consequences for the delayed reaction will be far more radical….and explosive.
At some point in time, the Amerikan people will wake up and take their vengeance out on the institutions and the individuals who have oppressed and enslaved us.   Those who cheated, lied, stole, committed gross fraud, crimes and unspeakable abuses will be held to account.   And the government apologists, the co-conspirators in their crime sprees will be held to account.   Yes, Mr. Obama, these were crimes.   Yes, Ms. Bondi, forgery and fraud are crimes. No, Mr. Geithner you may not use my child’s money to “foam the runway” for the banks.
And yet this is what they have done.   Because they are owned by Lord Blankfein. They all kiss the ring of Jamie Dimon.   They slather up and ooze and schmooze with the criminal masterminds that robbed the wealth of two generations, concentrating that wealth…the accounts and equity and labor of millions of Amerikans…in the hands of the few.
What will happen when Amerika’s lost generation…those 20 somethings who enter a gutted workforce after watching their parents be gutted and robbed finally enter their age of awareness and awakening?   Will they have the courage to rise up against their oppressors?   Will they be willing to strike back against those who robbed them of their American birthright and plunged them directly into the prison of debt and destitution that they face?   Will they peacefully reject repayment of their trillion dollars in extortionate debt obligations?   Will they pay taxes to fund an increasingly regressive tax system?   Will they hop on the broken down, jalopy of a falling apart bus with their parents as it goes careening off the fiscal cliff or will they all jump off at the last minute while the bus falls into the abyss a la Thelma and Louise?
There would be fitting justice for the youth of this world, and of this nation, to starve and leave fallow the adults who created the fiscal cliff.   There would certainly be fitting justice for the youth to rise up and exact revenge and vengeance from the bankers and financiers who rigged the system to their own benefits.   Will there be a Revolution?   Will the youth thrown the money changers from the temple?
As I experienced recently with the manifestly unjust rejection of my appeal in Florida’s 2nd DCA, we can no longer count on this nation’s courts to protect and defend liberty…to ensure justice…to level the playing field, to perpetuate a nation governed by the Rule of Law.   The courts, like the rest of this utterly corrupt nation, have turned their backs on all that was good and honorable and just in this nation.
But I digress….I started with an article about the most glaring example of all that I just described…consider what I just said as you read this article….

On November 19th, the core of the Obama ” Justice” Department’s ” 49 State Settlement,” of the millions of fraud claims by the suing mortgagees against the mega-banks who were trying to foreclose on robo-signed and other dubious mortgages, was finally announced, and it basically gave the mega-banks what they wanted: all of the money they could possibly get out of those mortgagees, and with future U.S. taxpayers furthermore absorbing the resulting losses, in the form of taxpayers needing to pay off the federal debt for the massive bailouts of Wall Street and its ” counter-parties,” losses which were being absorbed by Timothy Geithner’s U.S. Treasury, and by Ben Bernanke’s U.S. Federal Reserve.There would be no prosecutions of mega-bank executives for any of the frauds those mega-bank executives had planned and overseen, which had led to these enormous crimes, and thus to the 2008 crash. Those mega-bank executives were permitted to keep their millions of dollars in pay and bonuses, which they had earned from these frauds.In order to understand what was happening here, one needs to know first this relevant background, the back-story:
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  • I’d sure like to see the actual lawsuit that was filed under seal which caused this 49 state sellout. If we could see it, we would know for sure that this wasn’t some softball tossed over to the bankster with the “appearance” of a lawsuit with teeth. A bunch of volunteers were sucked in to do a bulk of the research for this suit by a so called “grass roots” organization that didn’t really care how many people were used in order to accomplish a plan that was one sided and not very well thought out. If you’re going to ask people to help, take their good ideas and implement them as your own without giving anyone a shred of credit (like the Rally in Tally for example) and then lead folks on to believe they would share in the return, cause divisiveness among the group, take away their spare time and ask for more and more without sharing anything about what is going on behind the scenes than you can pretty much tell, it was a front. A sham designed to suck people in for the same thing that caused this mess… The Love of Money. It’s why Nationwide Title Clearing can easily attract and retain the Bryan Bly’s of the world. They want to believe that they’re doing something useful but at the end of the day they are in it for the money and nothing else. Go away phony grass roots leaders and take your self-righteous over-inflated egos with you too!

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