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This campaign shapes up as a battle   between the fascists on one side, propped up by their puppet Mitt Romney, fascism primarily defined as the blending together of the corporate and state interests, and the socialists,fronted by their puppet Obama, on the other side.   The most terrifying and dramatic example of the dangerous slide into tyranny this nation is taking is the passage of the NDAA.   Watch out folks, terrifying stuff here… too though a federal judge.   Something about something called a constitution or something….but Obama demands the right to come lock me up and haul me off to a private prison.
Haven’t heard about this?   Turn off your television….the Revolution will not be televised…

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  • Rosie says:

    I disagree that Obama represents socialists. But that’s really immaterial. In my opinion, there is no more a separation of powers, there is huge intrusion and enmeshment of religion and goverment and this horrendous spreading of fear, of warmongering, of pretending that this country is “safe”, is “moral”, protects human rights, adheres to any rule of law – this is a farce. My country is now more controlled by money than anything else; there is greed & power ruling and dictating everything; there is no listening to vast numbers of people who are suffering loss of income, loss of homes, loss of health, loss of clean air/water/soil. NDAA & TSA & DHS : unbelievable power over us – and notions such as “due process” are gone , Bill of Rights mostly meaningless; rampant hypocrisy and destruction of the democratic experiment. Still acting like we are the paragon of democracy – our highest office up for bid – 2 contenders engaging in illegal activities, lies, murders, and indeed the revolution won’t be televised .

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