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NYTIMES- The Federal Government, Conspiring To Provide Testimony to A Criminal Banking Organization….


Well not exactly the federal government, but one of its closest co conspirators in the campaign to steal trillions of dollars from every man, woman and child in the United States of America.

Can you imagine, a secret agreement wherein the massive power of the federal government, enters an agreement to testify on behalf of a TARGET of investigations.


Well, as reported in the NYTimes, that’s precisely what occurred….terrifying really that this is the kind of power that can be wielded.   Are the feds (or anyone in government for that matter, going to stand up and testify on behalf of any of the patriots or protesters who dare to challenge or confront all the criminality, the terror, the fraud that is being committed by the government and its co conspirators?

Did the feds step in and lend Aaron Schwartz a helpful voice?

Did Florida’s government officials stand up and support the whistleblowers that provided evidence of banking crimes?

Has any government official provided any support or any testimony or any assitance whatsoever to any of the millions of Americans that are victimized by the banking crime spree that goes on unabated? Right….but just listen what they did for Bank of America:

TWO weeks ago, I wrote a column about a secret agreement struck in July 2012 by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Bank of America. The existence of the confidential deal was disclosed recently in court filings, which showed the New York Fed releasing Bank of America from all fraud claims on mortgage securities the Fed had bought as part of the government’s rescue of the American International Group in 2008.

A.I.G., which is suing Bank of America to recover losses it suffered on those securities, has calculated the value of the fraud claims at $7 billion.

Late on Thursday, a copy of the actual agreement came to light. It was filed by Bank of America in a California court that is hearing the matter of who owns those fraud claims “” A.I.G. or the New York Fed. The agreement was also filed by the New York Fed in a related lawsuit in the Southern District of New York, where the New York Fed asked that the court keep the agreement under seal.





  • Cape9193 says:

    There is no end to the corruption. The more we tolerate, the more the crimes escalate. Wake Up America and Take Your Country Back!
    If you have the Guts…or Tyranny will surely prevail and we will be introduced to a new level of slavery.

  • ‘Are the feds (or anyone in government for that matter, going to stand up and testify on behalf of any of the patriots or protesters who dare to challenge or confront all the criminality, the terror, the fraud that is being committed by the government and its co conspirators?’ I have been a government corruption whistleblower in the State of Corrupticut for several years. I was illegally retaliated in 2006 from My Municipal Housing Authority HUD Public Housing Position after I filed my second and third EEOC and HUD Fair Housing Complaints. I have been embroiled in a massive criminally organized political retaliation fraud with city, state, and federal government elected officials and multiple agencies, including the use of the police and judiciary against me for over two years in 3 false criminal charges and prosecution and for the past year the State of CT Housing Finance Authority is fraudulantly trying to steal my 17 1/2 year HUD insured home from a disabled Veteran on Social Security Disability as a result of the hate crime (s) I am a victim of. No, I have contacted hundreds of public and elected officials, all the way to President Obama, FBI, Justice Department. I fear there is no soluble form of government left that is not taken over by the socialist enemies within.

  • cocodo says:

    I know in MA the state officials aren’t doing anything. Even after being presented with proof of DEFALCATION and an illegal foreclosure the Division of Banks, AG Martha Coakley, Daniel Crane from the Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation & FBI are all guilty of Dereliction of Duty. Then after paying $35,000 to defend an illegal sale of our home of 24 years with a perfect payment history & proof that the MA state foreclosure laws were not complied with an unethical Judge ignored the Facts of Law. What do you do next when you have a preponderance of evidence of FRAUD and you can’t trust the legal system? The bank could not & did not prove that they complied with MA state laws and the Judge didn’t care. He basically sat in his chair with his mind already made up. We should have bee mortgage free and instead our home was stolen from us and nobody seems to care. We were never in arrears. Our son is a Combat Veteran Marine that fought for our Country and this is what he returned home to – NO HOME! It is such a disgrace. There are people living in their homes after years of not making a payment and we had a perfect payment history and lost our home! Where is the JUSTICE?

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