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News Report Details Attorney General Complaints at Florida Default/Ronald Wolfe And Associates

It just never stops with these guys.   You can change a name, but the leopard doesn’t lose his spots…
And still Florida’s Attorney General does nothing.
I particularly like the revelation from Ron Wolfe that he feels Florida Default will be vindicated, he’s confident there will be no consequence.   Well, listen to the latest complaints:
WFTV’s 9 Investigates looked into serious concerns about one of the biggest foreclosure law firms in the state.
If the bank has foreclosed on your property or you were the tenant in a foreclosure, chances are you’ve heard of the Florida Default Law Group.
But now, investigative reporter George Spencer has uncovered hundreds of complaints and a major state investigation.

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  • Thomas says:

    Mr. Weidner, I watched with great interest our State Supreme court review the issues raised in the Pino case. The Justice properly stated that the is a “mechanism” for fraudulent, misleading, etc. documents presented by licensed attorneys. That is the Bar Association’s deligated authority to investigate and recommend disciplinary action against such unacceptable practices. Just as there is a mechanism for the State to take back a doctors medical license when they practice with gross negligence and incompetence. the problem is the “mechanism is not functioning, operating being utilized. So it is worthless except for the Justice to say that it exists. It’s existence is not stopping crimes on the courts or deaths related to Oxycontin indesciminate prescribing. These mechanisms work like the State Tropper’s automobile parked vacant at the entrance to the Palm Beach Airport. A deterant? Maybe. Catching any violators? Not a chance.

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