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News Alert- Wall Street Has Been Blocked Off With “Crime Scene” Tape

The gig is up, the word is out and the timing couldn’t be any better for our Homeowner’s Rights Rally in Tally, Wednesday April 21, 2010 beginning at 9:00 a.m on the “Old Capital” side of the Capital.   More information on exactly where the buses will leaving from will be published later, but the Team Ice buses out of West Palm will leave early, very early Wednesday morning/Tuesday night.   In terms of formal agenda while at The Capital, there is none and really cannot be..we just have to roll with the legislative calendar and understand the demands on our legislators time…..we get to speak with them and meet with them when they are able to fit us in.   There are many other important issues that they must resolve in addition to ours. (Like that budget hole based on falling real estate property values and declining sales receipts.

The morning news wires and papers are alive with news of more investigations….this time the Wall Street Journal announces the Feds are investigating Countrywide Home Loans. Last week it was Goldman Sachs.

The Homeowner’s Rights Bar Is Investigating A Formal Petition to Either the Florida Supreme Court or Federal Court to Block Pursuit of All Foreclosures

The Federal Investigations are going to keep rolling out and rolling out and rolling out.   Florida’s Circuit Courts are Courts hearing foreclosure cases are Courts of Equity.   That not be one more basis we use for a formal legal challenge to the continued pursuit of foreclosures….the widespread nature of federal criminal investigations certainly suggests that Courts in Florida cannot do equity while those seeking reward in courts are under such investigations.

Another basis for our growing legal challenge is the fundamental harm the current wave of foreclosures is doing to title to real property in Florida.   For more on Greg Clark and Daniel Rocks very detailed analysis on why foreclosures should not continue under these circumstances, see below:

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