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New York Times- The Government Dithers on Housing, Suffering Continues

housing-crisisWe are in a terrifying mess in this country and things are not getting any better.   Our jobs have all been shipped offshore, the world hates us even more than under Bush because we meddle in foreign affairs and we can’t even manage to pick a side so both hate us and we are weaker financially than ever before.

The housing and financial crisis just keeps getting worse.   We could have set about correcting this in 2008, with practical solutions like buying off the “toxic” mortgages, but that would have forced the banks to take real losses.   They lobbied and threatened and cajoled and walked away with not a single penalty….in fact many have profited obscenely from the collapse.   Their profit numbers are absolutely disgusting.

How do you like that? America and Americans continue to suffer while Wall Street roils around in an orgy of greed and profit.   It’s going to end.   It just has to.   Our leaders and their Wizards on Wall Street trickle out numbers and pray that it ends peacefully, but it cannot end that way.   American’s are not just going to climb out of this dark evil pit and start rebuilding their lives on minimum wage jobs and no retirement and remain docile slaves to the banks.

The 2012 elections and the on-going budget fights are going to dramatically escalate the rhetoric and tensions.   Inflation, food and commodity price increases will act like gas on the flames. Meanwhile the rest of the world will continue to see this country for what we are….a White Collar Criminal Oligarchy.

New York Times

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  • Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty - Foe of Tyranny says:

    From the NYT piece:

    “… so declining values destroy wealth …”

    Is there anyone left that DOES NOT believe this is intentional?

    “The question is how much worse they will need to get before regulators, lawmakers and the Obama administration make an all-out effort to fix the problem. ”

    I would say that is the least likely event possible. It has been almost 4 years. If those folks wanted to solve the problems they’d have done it by now. It really isn’t rocket science. Where laws have been violated charge, prosecute, and where appropriate convict.

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