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New York Times Reports on The Collapse of David J Stern Enterprises

foreclosure-boomThe collapse of the Law Offices of David J. Stern is causing chaos and costing taxpayers millions of dollars.   Clerks of Court, judicial assistants and judges across this state are left sorting through files and processing Stipulation to Withdraw paperwork and generally left to try and sort out the mess.   That costs every single taxpayer money.   Multiply that by hundreds of thousands of files in counties all across the state and you’re talking a massive burden on this state’s taxpayers.   Meanwhile, the clients, including Fannie and Freddie, must now go through each of their files to assess just what kind of a mess they have on their hands.   The resulting time and attorneys fees will add many months and millions of dollars into the mess.

When the general public and taxpayers are paying for all of this, I have a real problem when the Fat Cats that caused all of this are not forced to pay the costs….where is any justice, any equality, any fundamental fairness in all of this?   Where are all the managers and lawyers and bright financial people that put all of this together?   I bet they’re still driving their obscenely expensive cars, living in obscene castles, with obscene boats.

How do our government leaders allow this to continue?   Why no handcuffs?   When will Florida’s Attorney General step up, speak out and release findings from the on-going investigation?   Many mechanism exist to try and reclaim some of the costs, but the most black and white immediate way is to dismiss all pending David J. Stern cases which are not verified and force them to be refiled under the rules mandated by the Florida Supreme Court to protect all consumers.


New York Times


  • litgant says:

    I can see DJS being responsible using all those fake documents, shyster sub-lawyers, criminal notaries, criminal employees; I can see Fannie, Freddie, Ginnie, MERS, and the ponzi trusts also being party: but the courts of Florida invited this mess and the cost to clean it up by refusing to follow the rule of law. So these shyster robo-judges who allowed all this mess over the protest of Pro Se and other defendants and lawyers, caused all this taxpayer expense. And the chief judges of the Circuits? They are the leaders of the Al-Aba gang. These criminals could not have made this mess without the help of corrupt senior judges. Now some of this mess is being passed on to people like Elizabeth Wellborn, another small mill outfit. She will try to continue getting judges to grant robo-SJ using past fraudulent pleadings and documents. This cost to the taxpayers is also the fault of the Florida Bar who did nothing when they saw this mess and thought it best to ignore it to help recover the economy. This is a shame. Mr. Weidner you have been on the front lines trying to warn everyone but they would not listen. And then to threaten you for this in their subtle ways, was wrong. You are a great American Matt.

  • Corvin says:

    Is a hanging in order? Where is the outrage? What are they putting in the water? Are we a nation of Sheep?

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