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New York Times Profile on The Crazy David J. Stern Transaction.


Everyone in the world, get to know David J. Stern and David J. Stern Enterprises….read the New York Times Article Here.

His tyranny cannot last.   We cannot allow it to continue.   Too many people have already been hurt.   It must stop.


  • I make myself smile everyday by watching his stock (DJSP) TANK in epic proportions. It’s all in fun.


    It is actually very sad, but ironic at the same time, that the very employees at DJSP and at the law firm who have worked tirelessly to fraudulently obtain judgments to get people thrown out of their home will now likely face the same fate.

    I recently received a call from a family member who runs an insurance company and was recently approached by a friend working at the law offices of David J. Stern. The subject of their discussion? She was afraid the law firm was going to engage in massive lay-offs and she would lose her job. So the question was did I know anyone who would be interested in hiring her. My response to that part of the conversation was interesting to say the least.

    Now that DJSP and the law offices are doomed to take the hit as the poster child of foreclosure fraud by a law firm, as their major clients abandon ship, notwithstanding what happens in real courtrooms, justice will be equally served when these employees begin to discuss loan modifications, foreclosure avoidance and defense to foreclosure actions of their own. That all happens when one loses employment – a fact that in the foreclosure frenzy these same people repeated ignored or were insensitive to. It’s a long way of saying that what goes around comes around – even as sad at it will be for even those employees and their families that will be subjected to the realities of foreclosure.

    I know some good foreclosure defense attorneys – if they need one.

    Actually, these are the same foreclosure defense lawyers whose calls, faxes and emails have been repeatedly ignored and who have been exposed to unilateral setting of hearing, unethical courtroom tactics and defeated by ex-parte hearings. On second thought, while I can think of lots of really good foreclosure defense attorneys I cannot think of any that would take a case to defend anyone associated with the law offices of David J. Stern, or any other foreclosure mill for that matter. To these people who are scared to death now – I say good luck. You may want someone to have heart for you now, even when you showed no compassion for families crying out for just a fair shot at keeping their homes.

    Maybe the judge will recognize you and rule in your favor at the nearest rocket docket.

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