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New York Times Picks Up Articles First Reported Here

New york times Foreclosure weidner lawIn yet another indication of the value of sharing information and getting the word out, an excellent article in today’s New York Times, featured information that was first published on this site, on 4closurefraud and foreclosurehamlet.   Much of my information comes from these two sources and I really applaud and recognize these two sites for getting good information out there.

The more people that are aware of the issues that are reported on these sites, the better chance we all have of restoring some integrity back into the foreclosure process.   Please review the attached article here that was published in today’s New York Times.   The thing to note when an article like this makes print in perhaps the nation’s top newspaper is the fact that these stories have a broad interest and impact to the larger society.   Next, when mainstream media picks up on stories like this, they do extensive fact checking and make sure that all the information reported is correct and beyond reproach.   As we in the business of fighting foreclosure fraud and countering the continued attacks on our courts continue to wage these battles, reports such as these should inspire continued work in bringing these issues to light.   We are turning the tide…..


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