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NEW PLAN! Corporations Should Just Exempt Themselves From All Federal Law! (Monsanto and Their Farm Bill)

deathco-farm-billThis nation is descending into tyrannical, fascist darkness.   Don’t believe me?   Need more proof? Well, while all of Amerika is focused on all kinds of stuff that doesn’t matter at all…the food fascists are busy wrenching control over all that we eat…this is very bad sauce folks….but of course you will not read about this in the mainstream news….
While you are distracted by the horror show of the Fiscal Cliff, Congress is trying to slip by another agricultural disaster –The Farm Bill. The greatest benefit of this bill goes to the Monsanto corporation -you know the chemical bio-ag company that has been charged with piracy in India, banned in South America and Europe and who have proven to be a criminal enterprise.
The United States Congress is selling out the American people with their approval of the intentionally misnamed ” Farmer Assurance Provision” of the 2013 Agriculture Appropriations Bill. Worse, these riders overstep Congress’ authority, just as the executive office””the president””has been drastically overstepping his authority with the oppression of raw milk and raids on health food shops.

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