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New Jersey Supreme Court Caves- The Banks And Their Improper Practices Win Again

Here in Florida, the banks and their attorneys were permitted to just flat out ignore the Florida Supreme Court’s Verified Complaint Rule.   They just continued to file complaints for months and outright ignore the rule, showing complete disregard for the Rule of Law.   The very disturbing thing is that in courts all across this state…they got away with it.  
When courts finally started enforcing the rule (pretty please bankster), they got cute and had robo perjurers sign thousands of separate page verifications…no way the robo perjurer actually read the complaint and all the attachments…they got away with that too.
After a few courts started rejecting those games, they started playing a new game…having anonymous “servicers” sign these documents…I’ve got an appeal pending in Florida’s Second District Court of Appeals…I’m not going to let them get away with that game too.
The Florida Supreme Court said Plaintiffs had to take responsibility and stop filing false and misleading pleadings…they said they wanted to sanction parties and hold them accountable.   Now, I’m not aware of a single case where they have been held accountable…you know, they just continue to play by their own rules…..and the courts let them get away with that.
It wasn’t just in Florida that they played games…they did it especially in New Jersey as well.   And for a moment in time it looked like the New Jersey Supreme Court was going to hold them accountable, but it looks like the banks are going to moonwalk away from the crime scene in New Jersey as well.   Another example of the banks getting away with whatever they damn well please. Background on New Jersey
What we are all seeing is widespread white collar anarchy, lawlessness and contempt for the Rule of Law.   The courts are affirming and encouraging all this conduct.
The anarchy we see in this nation will not remain so one-sided forever.   At some point in time, White Collar Anarchy will be joined together with Blue Collar Anarchy and No Collar Anarchy….and those will be scary times indeed.
The people of this nation will not stand silent and unmoved forever as they watch the Banks and White Collar Criminal Enterprises get away with whatever they damn well please…there will be a breaking point.


  • nydeemarie says:

    I haven’t read the case myself, but, perhaps this will be useful beginning with Conveyances page 850.
    and including
    120. § 8. That nothing in this act shall be construed to extend to or make good, valid and effectual, any fraud or forgery, made or used in or about any powers of agency, or letters of attorney, or other deeds, writings, or records, last wills and testaments, or any bargain and sale, or other conveyances of any estate of inheritance, grounded upon such fraudulent or forged powers of agency, or letter of attorney, or other deeds, writings or records, and *last wills and testaments.
    An act for the relief of persons who have lost their deed and other instruments of writing containing the title of lands.
    Passed October 8, 1782.
    What’s becoming painfully obvious is that UNDER Seal meant PUBLIC official (historically or included in the book of a public official.
    Q. is a Notary book their official index per se?

  • nydeemarie says:

    Wow the old stuff is amazing..
    If the banks argue that the promissory note was negotiable, but they lost it, they might be able to prove the contents by parol or other secondary evidence..
    but… in NY..
    § 333.2 For that purpose, they must give to the adverse party a written undertaking, in a sum fixed by the judge or the referee, not less than twice the amount of the note or bill, with at least two sureties, approved by the judge or the referee, to the effect that he will indemnify the adverse party, his heirs and personal representatives against any claim by any other person, on account of the note or bill, and against all costs and expenses, by reason of such claim.
    So either it was negotiable, lost and then bonded, or it wasn’t negotiable…?

  • nydeemarie says:

    § 434. Variance between pleading and proof.
    A variance between an allegation in a pleading and the proof is not material, unless it has actually misled the adverse party, to his prejudice, in maintaining his action or defence upon the merits. Where the variance is not material, the court may direct the fact to be found according to the evidence, or may order an immediate amendment, without costs.
    Where, however, the allegation to which the proof is directed, is un proved, not in some particular or particulars only, but in its entire scope and meaning, it is not a case of variance, within this section, but a failure of proof.

  • Incognito123 says:

    I WISH I could say your wrong, but unfortunately, I have been saying the same thing, and it is not a matter of IF, it is a matter of WHEN this will happen. Right now, I think we are on a fast track to a collision with that brick wall, but I also hope I am wrong on that, because as you said, “will be scary times indeed.”

  • Ban KKiller says:

    Easy to see what happens when people feel like they have no legitimate way to redress the government….look at our own history against our British oppressors. Back then we were willing to risk ALL in order to have proper representation and the ability to have our concerns addressed and remedied. When any current regime ignores the people AND creates more people who feel disconnected, watch out. See Middle East. What happens when people feel like they have nothing to lose? They become “radicalized” to almost any idea.

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