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The fraud and abuse in our courtrooms has come out of the shadows and is now a persistent part of our national lexicon.   Please watch this 4 part series on foreclosures and Florida and pay particular attention to the very clear and specific language that press and attorneys are now using which describe the explicit fraud that is a uniform and consistent part of our legal system.

The sanctity and integrity of our entire legal system, and indeed the legitimacy of our entire system of government, is under a direct and full scale assault by corporations and teams of lawyers who have exploited a key fact in our legal system….that we rely upon the integrity of litigants in order to protect the integrity of our court system.   But we all know that in far too many cases, judges simply ignore the blatant fraud that passes right in front of them.   In far too many other cases, there is no care   or concern given to examine the possible existence of fraud….the key objective….the only objective is to grant foreclosure judgments.

Every time   a foreclosure judgment is granted based on flawed or forged documents and evidence our court system is weakened, our entire system of justice is desecrated and the foundations of our unique system of government is damaged.   Unlike totalitarian or more repressive regimes, our system of government is predicated on the integrity and responsibility of those who are subject to its control.   In many ways, the authority and power of our government is illusory.   The governing apparatus is simply to weak and ineffective to police all wrongdoing. That’s why the effectiveness of government control over individual behavior is conditioned upon the consent of the governed and the agreement that we will abide by the rules, laws and morays that we all agree are essential to maintain order and protect individual rights and liberties.

What the foreclosure crisis shows is how vast sectors of our society…in this case the entire banking, finance and now our legal profession are willing to abandon those laws, morays and rules in the blind and naked pursuit of economic dominance.   All of this is causing major fault lines in the compact between government and the governed.   The American Mythology was that we were One People Under the Law, a people governed by rules and laws and these laws were applied evenly and fairly across all races and all economic stations.   But this Mythology is now broken….the fiction blasted away behind the overwhelming evidence of abuses….watch the following stories:



  • avram says:

    please see this site

  • Kelly says:

    I’m just another one fighting for my life here too!. My loan was packaged and hearded into Wallstreet within months after I refied in 2006. It was “sold” 3 times that I’M AWARE OF since then. The current Lender is actually a PRIVATE REAL ESTATE INVESTOR who has been waiting for me to Crash. I’ve put up the good fight for a year now, all the while attempting to qualify for a “Short Refinance” throught the FHA. THAT PROGRAM WAS DESIGNED TO FAIL! I have just turned my efforts from a refi to fighting my lender in court. The more I learn, the more questions arise. NOT having the funds whatsoever for an Attorney, I have become overwhelmed. One video on the subject states, “if your mortgage is privatised, you are out of luck on suing them. BUT IT WAS SECURITIZED 4 YEARS AGO. AM I COMPLETEY MISSING THEIR POINT HERE? I certainly hope I’m not understanding that correctly!! My ‘Lender’ has the “NOTE”, although it states my original lender who I refied with is the LENDER, the LENDER IS THE HOLER OF THIS NOTE. The first 2 “purchases” do not appear to have an Assignment of Deed of Trust” recorded in my local County. Yet the 3rd “purchaser” Recorded an “ASSIGNMENT OF DEED OF TRUST”. on my current Lender. How could they do that if it was NEVER ASSIGNED TO THEM???
    Is that a clear case of, “Onwer Doesn’t hold the Note?” Or are my hands tied since it is a private loan? I’ll take any good
    advice I get! Thanks So Much, Kelli S. PS. It’s in California!

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