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My Client’s Story Makes it Onto -THE DAILY SHOW WITH JOHN STEWART!

Please GOD.   Please GOD.   Copy this link and share it with every single person in America.

My client’s story comes in the monologue right at the 4:26 minute mark, where he reminds banks that they probably should not lock people inside their homes.


Stewart’s Discussion Really Is Amazing.   Please share it and link it around.

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The Daily Show With John Stewart


  • OUTSTANDING! So glad I watched it, VERY FUNNY-and man I needed the laugh… I think we all do.

    Thank you so much Mr. Weidner, for all you do, for all you have done, and for your passion. That’s what will save our country… passion from all of us, attorneys or those of us cheering from the sidelines. Each of us helping our circle of citizens around us to UNDERSTAND this hairball of injustice, in order to allow EVERY American to feel empowered to make the change.

    It is NOT hopeless, we are not F&$*$d, we just need to use what we all have TONS OF, and that is American passion and ingenuity. We didn’t get where we are by being a big continent of complacent deadbeats. When we are confronted with a huge challenge, we get on our bikes and RIDE!

    Always eager for your blog posts! ~Social Apocalypse

  • Mediator Ken says:

    Thanks for posting this Matt, it’s both sad and hilarious! And, be sure to watch the next video regarding the Mortgage Banker’s Association “strategically defaulting” on its own mortgage.

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