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My Appearance on ABC World News With Diane Sawyer

Have a look at the Diane Sawyer piece with my interview that ran on ABC World News.   There is a crisis in our courts that has swept across this country because normal Americans know the banks cannot be trusted and they are fearful that our courts do not have the resources to sort out the facts and the truth from the fraud, the mistakes and the abuses.

That really is a key in this whole Foreclosure Fiasco.   It represents a crisis in our courts because the same sloppy and in some cases fraudulent practices that were business as usual have infected our courtrooms.   We depend on our courts and judges to insure fairness and protect the least among us.   Our courts are under attack and they are failing in this job.   Attorneys general and members of Congress can call for moratoriums, but it need not be so direct or so sweeping.   All   we need is for responsible, judges to say they will take whatever time is required to insure rules are followed and the integrity of the courts is preserved.   This is largely the case in the Sixth Judicial Circuit, but this model needs to be expanded.

Now watch the news video:

ABC World News Video

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