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(MUST WATCH VIDEO) Elizabeth Warren v. HSBC- AHow Many Laws Can A Bank Violate Before Any Enforcement Action is Taken?


  • Elizabeth Warren has a long and consistently moral history in public service to the United States and the global community. It is very hard for a man who has been educated well and lived for a period of time to be now considered old enough to know what I, as a person, was born into, grew up with, and have now to believe is the same ethnocentic mindset during six decades. Certainly, at least when I began to understand through my parents, church units, and higher education, I structured my personal belief on what my elders considered moral and what they did not. On a personal score of evolving in these United States, I found many wrongs and unthruths but none so dramatic as this dialogue spawned by a rougue industry and a governmental agency, including the DOJ, that appears similarly and exceptionally unlawful. These are not issues to avoid. Because this bank has a lot of money and it is a banking institute, what is wrong is fundamental to my evolution in morality – often a country with a considerable desire to keep moral reasoning from decade to decade. Just briefly, there are abstract notions where wrongs appeared and were settled by our Congress; Nixon’s era of wrong-doing seems pety, even silly, by the questions asked in this video. In this, I believe I am seeing another morality, and, even if this were lesser an offense, such as the 1987 “savings and loan” demise, there was recourse and arrests and jail for the crimes. I’m too old to imagine this isn’t our new morality. I’m too informed to thiink that this isn’t the new order of undoing of morality in human beings. I’m sure, as is practical, our own moral outrage is still here, as mine is certainly here, but I do not believe in the people who uphold, defend, and perpetuate our laws, and cannot think the same can endure with impunity. I must think that Elizabeth Warren is the victim of a perilous mindset, and it is wrong that she must simply be our only defender left to make this statement of dignity which she alone maintains.

  • Eugene Villarreal says:

    Elizabeth Warren For President !

  • D A N I L O says:

    E Warren is a good one but unfortunately hearings & TALK will not resolve this HSBC Bank corruption matter or any other. HSBC Bank & OCC need SHUT DOWN immediately NO RIGHTS OR QUESTIONS.

    Office Controller Currency (OCC) just symbolic living off taxpayer money, they will never do their job ever & apply law to shut down any bank, a conflict of interest exist our government and banks are all one in same sleeping together bed every night.

    If the sheeple ever wakes up something will happen but that is probably a long shot.

  • William Doyle says:

    Ms Warren, keep up the good work. I have watched and listened to you over many years and find you on the top! Your cocaine comment hits the nail on the head. The US government spends millions of dollars on an anti-drug program that just is not working. Thank you Mr. Weidner for posting this matter!

  • cocodo says:

    She is a disgrace as most State Officials in MA are? Don’t even get me started. She made out very well in the 2008 Real Estate crash. I don’t know what the hell MA residents were thinking voting her into office. She lied about her heritage that is like lying about a Veteran Status. As a mom of a Combat Veteran & victims of an illegal foreclosure I am appalled with her actions or lack there of. Scott Brown is the only MA politician that did exactly what he said he was going to do! He voted on the issues not the party. Our President is going to bankrupt this Country it is very scary!

  • project_wolverine says:

    Senator Elizabeth Warren is doing an awesome job and I do believe she will bring down the TBTF cartel. What the TBTF cartel has done to this economy is considered insider trading fraud. We now know that the biggest liar in the liar loans was the TBTF cartel. They sold to anybody that could fog a mirror then they placed a bet on the failing end of the mortgages. They collected the FHA insurance money on the mortgage when they went into foreclosure and ripped off the investor by selling them AAA rated MBS knowing the investment would fail then they bet on the failing end by buying derivatives on the same failing investment they originally sold. They created this ponzi scheme so how can they say it was unethical but not illegal? What’s happening now is because the TBTF screwed up our economy so bad the homeowners that bought the modest handyman special homes they could afford at the time are now being forced into default and being marked deadbeats. I earned every tax dollar the government is taking from me but I don’t feel like I’m getting my money’s worth and I think the American people are at that point in the monopoly game there the other players realize the TBTF cheated! They should go directly to jail, and do not collect $200.00 dollars. Go get-em Senator Warren.

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