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Mother Jones: Romney and Pam Bondi Sell Florida Out To The Banks…

A great article that accurately describes how Floridians are being sold out to the banks and institutions that own our government.   It is so critically important that every American understand how an entire state is being sold out, fundamental rights are being obliterated and how whistleblowers and common citizens are being targeted by the government that is supposed to be protecting The People.

And there are no real opposition parties to counterbalance this corporatism or the march to real aggression against The People.   Quite simply and frankly quite dramatically, the instrumentalities of government are indeed being turned against The People.   Our state and federal constitutions were engineered to provide protections against these abuses, but even our courts are refusing to fulfill their roles and protect the public.

I write this and publish these thoughts at the risk of great peril, both personal and professional to myself and those around me.   I am stating without equivocation that Florida’s most powerful attorney has abdicated her role to protect the people of the State of Florida.   I am stating my opinion that as a result of campaign contributions and improper influence, Florida’s Attorney General has become more of an advocate for out of state banks and other corporate interests than she is an advocate for the people of the State of Florida.   The People of The State of Florida will all pay a horrendous price in the years to come.

This is all important to keep in mind as we all try to digest the President’s new investigative agencies for mortgage servicing fraud….I predict lots of lip service and lots of press releases but hardly any real results….the banks are not afraid to bully, push and intimidate even authorities of the government…..

But read what others are saying about this:

Florida is one of the five worst-hit states in the foreclosure crisis; nearly half of all its home mortgages are underwater. Yet since taking office in 2010, Bondi has lagged far behind her counterparts in helping homeowners or holding lenders’ feet to the fire. When a faith-based action group met with Bondi last year to beseech her to go after crooked lenders, they complained to the Orlando Sentinel that she showed “a lack of interest” in foreclosure fraud. “Her stance was that she didn’t feel the banks were as liable as the media portrayed them to be, and people shouldn’t have gone ahead and signed the mortgage paperwork, and that they knew what they were getting into,” a community organizer told the paper.

Instead, Bondi has shown a lot of interest in pleasing mortgage banks.

Full article

But importantly, read another scathing post on the Fraudclosure/Attorney General sellouts and standups….from Abigale Field

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