Every day I see it, the banks that were bailed out by the American taxpayer will not approve mortgage modifications to the taxpayers that bailed them out.

They will, however, accept Deed In Lieu, Short Sales or Consented Foreclosure Judgments.

Americans are being forced out of their homes so that those same homes can be sold, for cents on the dollar, to institutional investors, hedge funds, the federal government and foreign interests.

When will the American people wake up?   This is madness.   Perfect madness. Government sponsored and court sanctioned.   Here’s what one reader had to say:

NBC News reported yesterday that “Private Entities” backed be Hedgefund investors were buying up millions of homes across the U.S. by offering CASH, preventing most “average middle class buyers” from having a chance to get the home of their dreams.

I am facing Foreclosure after having tried four Loan Modifications.   During the forth, I was advised by my lender, GMAC; which was Homecomings Financial Network when I purchased my home; then out of the blue became GMAC, which again out of the blue is now owned by OCWEN; that the chances of my home being refinanced at its true value in today’s market was a long distant possibility.

My OCWEN advisor told me it would be smart to try a Short Sale, which I am in the process of attempting.   I put my home on the market and instantly got a call from my Realtor.   She had received a CASH offer for the asking price which was in her opinion what the home was worth… without even a visit from the buyer.   Site unseen.   What does that tell you?   After a conversation with my Realtor, she said the buyer was a group that were buying millions of homes across the U.S.

So I am not allowed to refinance my mortgage to its true market value, but Hedge Fund Managers who are the entity buying my home can do whatever they want to do.

America is corrupt, and will fail.   Mark Me.   Because there is no Middle Class anymore… we are the people who actually do the work… But we’ve been forgotten by our corrupt system.


  • speakout says:

    The “system” that has been run by the Federal Reserve Banksters for the last 100 years and who has really been controlling our “corporate government” (turning politicians into whores) is what has corrupted this country. Anytime you allow a private, select group to control the monetary system of an entire nation and the world (their goal), you will have manipulation of the people and debt slavery. Which is what we have unknowingly been under due to the dis-education system, which they also controlled. They were illegally operating a debt SLAVERY SYSTEM.

    Well, good news folks, as this “system” and all their minions has been foreclosed as announced to the world on December 25, 2012. Lawfully and Internationally through the Uniform Commercial Code. Properly noticed by the ONE PEOPLES PUBLIC TRUST. Of course the main stream media whores will never disclose this as they are controlled by the banksters also. They do what their told. Please go to https://peoplestrust1776.org to get the details of how ALL the people of the planet have been freed from this corrupt system and the unlawful “corporate” governments and corporations that have supported this system for the last 100 years to the detriment of WE the PEOPLE.

    All “corporate” officers, public servants, agents, etc. are no longer protected by their “corporate” shields. They are now one of the people. WE are ALL ONE PEOPLE. EQUAL. NO hierarchy. No limited libility. FULL disclosure required under the COMMON LAW. The one true law of the land. For the People. The debt has been cancelled along with ALL corporations and governments.

  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    And the “cash” they are offering is either other peoples’ money or is obtained by back door bailouts from the private federal reserve banks. The privileged few . . .

  • project_wolverine says:


    We the people can fix this with our own money. If a town has 200.000 working adults and you asked them to donate $1.00 a week (deposited into a local bank)and hire a controller we could pay off one home a week X 52 weeks that’s 52 homes a year. If we asked everybody to give 1% of their pay we could not only fix the foreclosure problem we could refinance underwater homes to fair market value and create a new market for that value the small town banks get the business and homeowners could sell their homes for the new fair market value.

  • KD says:

    I am in a mOdification review with ocwen was hOmeward was American home mortgage serviceing it’s true we are being bulllied into selling our property by debt collectors. This is a travesty to the American people. And a big slap in the face to the 49 attorney generals who agreed to the settlement the banks aren’t doing!!

  • Jorge L Torres says:


  • Brad says:


    I would like to know of other articles or posts similar to this.

    Why isn’t this in the main stream media?

    I just read an article on foreign investors eating up properties while people in the U.S. are in distress and losing their homes.

    This is just sick.

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