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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Mortgage Modifications- Defense to Foreclosure- How Many Millions of Dollars Are Banks Cheating Taxpayers?

banks cheating taxpayersThe banks have shown great ability and willingness to continue violating the laws that should apply to all of us.  One of the most common crime sprees they engage in now is failing to pay the taxes that are due…and that they may be collecting from some consumers.

We’ve had great success getting judgments from judges on this issue….

No Stamps, No Foreclosure

This was a commercial loan on stationery-store documents that were modified as additional advances occurred. There is nothing inherently wrong with pre-printed notes and mortgages, but in this case the forms omitted certain terms that might have guided the parties and the court after an unusual series of occurrences and problems. Less is not always more. The first problem was a payment default by the appellants; this gave rise to a foreclosure complaint in 2006. The second problem was AIS’s failure to pay for documentary stamp and intangible taxes on the mortgage, and to record it.


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