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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Mortgage Modifications And Foreclosure…Fair Debt Collection Practice Act VIOLATIONS….SUE THE BANKS!


  • rachel williams says:

    This was done to me. Only my employer was pat oof the entire shame. the home was pushed into foreclosure in 2009 by the bank holding payments made, I paid over 7,000.00 to get my home out of foreclosure only to now learn the home was never removed from foreclosure. The attorneys are connected to the Recorders office therefore nothing was placed in the file showing the foreclosure for this time element, The only new documents were Robo signers Crystal Moore and Brian Bly with a death certificate of one County seat family member.The home I found was sold to a THF Investor , sold by RealEstate company Lyons realty,. I then applied for a Mod in 2010 and was told fannie did not own ny loan.I was certain this was incorrect information and began to check online and could not find anything under my address. My employer was a debt collector for the banks. They also work as Private equity risk managers.

  • Sheila says:

    I would love to sue the bastards, but how ? When? My foreclosure was in 2009, do I still have time?? My story is the Great American Foreclosure by ProPublica written by Paul Kiel. It is an e-book. Are you interested in helping me get the bastards??????

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