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Mortgage Modification, Santa Claus, Stop Foreclosure and Other Fairy Tales

Consumers facing financial difficulties are being bombarded with solicitations and promises from companies and individuals who suggest they can help the borrower obtain a modification of their mortgage or stop a foreclosure that has been filed against them.   The vast majority of these solicitations improperly overstate the services companies can provide and many solicitations are illegal, fraudulent and potentially criminal in nature.   In 2008, the Florida Legislature passed the Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Relief Act.   The law largely prohibits companies or individuals from accepting any up front fees from consumers for assisting in mortgage modification activities and mortgage modification companies or foreclosure rescue consultants can be fined up to $15,000 for each violation.   The full text of   the law can be found at

The reality is mortgage modifications are very difficult to obtain in this current environment, no one can stop a foreclosure once it has been started and any person or company who suggests otherwise is being less than truthful.   Having said that, an experienced foreclosure defense attorney, properly licensed to practice in the court where the case has been filed can work with the attorney who has filed the case and can often help a consumer delay the progress of the foreclosure or negotiate a long-term solution with the lender who holds the mortgage.

Protect your home, your family and your future. Hire an attorney to help obtain a mortgage modification or Defend Your Foreclosure! Hire an attorney to help stop foreclosure of your home.

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