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More Bad News for David Stern and DJSP Enterprises…..

Stern-Stock-DropAnother day, another bad newspaper article in the St. Petersburg Times for David J. Stern, (ahem) the Law Offices of David J. Stern, David J. Stern Enterprises or whatever the heck the evil empire is called…..I cannot imagine that the small number of institutional lender clients will continue to refer cases to a law firm that is the subject of lawsuits and unfavorable press.   I wonder how many investors actually bought stock in this enterprise, seeking to capitalize on other’s misfortune…..I think about them as I see the stock price just diving, diving, diving down lower.

I also wonder whether judges will start examining David J. Stern cases more carefully in light of the allegations.

Read the full article here.

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  • michael says:

    Their top institutional shareholder is none other than AIG. The Corporate Welfare Queen that is you, me, our kids, and our grandkids; American’s who took on debt for generations to shield investors from the downside of their poor decision making.

    Fannie, Freddie, and the rest of the investor class living on taxpayer money — who throw people to the street in the name of the “free market” while refusing to acknowledge the only reason they’re not insolvent is $12 trillion in taxpayer subsidies — are the enablers of DJSP, Stern, and those who hire them.

    When DJSP collapses (not long now) don’t worry; they’ll move to another mill, scream that the free market should reign supreme, and at the same time soak up our tax dollars to cover their latest investment loss, David J. Stern Enterprises. Maybe we’ll even fund some nice-sized bonuses lest we lose their “talent” to all the businesses who apparently want to hire losers who ran their own businesses into the ground.

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