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Methodist Minister Arrested For Ministering to The Homeless

methodist-pastor-texasThe Bishop Lloyd Decell ministered to the desperately poor in and around Jackson, Mississippi during our nation’s last Great Depression. We are all honored by the leadership shown by this modern day Decell, Lorenza Andrade-Smith.   Read about her struggle on our behalf:

Lorenza Andrade-Smith isn’t an ordinary Methodist pastor. For the past year, she has been appointed to minister to the homeless “” and as a result faces a warrant for her arrest.

Last year, Andrade-Smith convinced her United Methodist Church bishop to appoint her, as ” an experiment,” to minister to the homeless. ” My bishop really took a risk,” she said.

As part of her three-year assignment, Andrade-Smith sold her possessions, rejected her health insurance and pension benefits, and committed herself to living among the homeless and others on the margins of society.

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