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MERS- The Legal Chimera

MERS-shamMERS is a corporate creature created to fulfill the objectives of the securitization marketplace.   As the securitization model has unraveled, focus again shifts to the role of MERS in the debacle that is the American system of property ownership.   The attached exhibits offer insight into the legal gymnastics required to perpetuate the MERS scheme which was developed, as Judge Walt Logan noted, without formal legislative approval.   It really is astonishing that this entire construct was implemented and tacitly consented to without formal intervention…astonishing….

If you believe, like I do, that the whole mortgage securitization system is in disarray and that the disarray will produce collapse, you really want to go back and read these transcripts and orders.   It would be very interesting to consider where we would all be today if we had all paid heed to the concerns raised by these judges way back when….long before all this mess was allowed to proliferate.   Wouldn’t it be interesting to talk to these judges today to find out what they think of the current fix we’re in?

MERS v. Azize – Appellant’s Brief

MERS v. Cabrera (Gordon) – MERS is a sham

MERS1[1] – Transcript

MERS2[1] – Transcript

One Comment

  • smtblnde says:

    The collapse is coming sooner than later.

    This is a last quarter, last year squeeze by the banksters for a final round of bonuses.

    Do you think Fannie, Freddie, and private banks are being nice by freezing foreclosure auctions and evictions until after Jan 3? Hell no. They are putting the losses into next year for a last big bonus this year.

    Enjoy the holidays folks, things will not be as good as it is this year.

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