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MERS Gets SLAMMED Yet Again- An Order That’s a Thing of Beauty

Sometimes these postings don’t need much editorial comment from me.   This Order is just such a piece of magnificent work.   The judge that issued this Order, Hon. Rob Crown of Collier County is to be applauded for issuing such a detailed and well-researched Order…one that every foreclosure fighter should have in the tool box and a model that we can all look to in drafting Orders in the future:

Order On MERS

MERS gets slammed again


  • crystalgolm says:

    Foreclosure Fighters: Be sure to file these orders along with a Request for Judicial Notice in cases where the order applies. Maybe then we can get some consistency among and within circuits!

  • wolf5150 says:

    I went to the Collier Clerk of Court and this case has been reopened. I would like to see the real outcome.

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