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MERS (and the banks) are Toast.


The following is a quote from an expert in the whole fraudclosure scandal:

“It is now widely recognized that MERS facilitated fraud by lenders, servicers, foreclosers and securitizers. Even on the most charitable interpretation it is very difficult to believe that MERS was not fraudulent by design. So much of the story has already been told that we do not need to rehash all of it here. Let me first concisely summarize the two main problems, and then move on to the most recent developments that put the final nails in MERS’s coffin. I’ll conclude with my argument that there really was some “not so intelligent” design behind all of this. But it is coming back to bite the hand that feeds. The big banks will not survive the monster they created.”

Huffington Post

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  • litgant says:

    May MERS die and soon. It has gourged itself on toxic mortgages. It has constipation. It is in critical care right now. But it will die. The moment is sure to come soon. The bacteria running the business right now are trying to get away before it dies. They don’t want to be embalmed with it. May MERS die. I think within the next year we will see it dead and cremated. Its ashes can be scattered all over Washington. MERS, dead. That will be the day America can rejoice. Then we will want some jail time for the shysters who ran it.

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