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Media Picks up on Investigation of Foreclosure Mills- What Will It Take To Shut Them Down?

foreclosure-helpYesterday’s explosive disclosures that Florida Attorney General, Bill McCollum, Florida’s Attorney General is investigating the major foreclosure mills operating in the state should be enough to stop Summary Judgments in every single case that these mills represent Plaintiffs in EVERY SINGLE COURTROOM IN THIS STATE.

Summary Judgment is only appropriate when the court has full confidence in the evidence submitted by the moving party.   This requires trust in the truth and veracity of the party that is moving for summary judgment and how can any court have any confidence whatsoever given the widespread nature of these investigations.

Importantly, the mainstream press is picking up on this issue and everyday people are becoming acutely aware of the very real problems that permeate the foreclosure courtroom.   I have profound respect for our judges and our courts and believe that when they are alerted to the true scope and magnitude of these investigations, our judge will take the appropriate steps and not reward the firms that are under investigation.

Click below to read the full news articles:

Sarasota Herald Tribune

St. Petersburg Times

Palm Beach Post

Importantly, print the articles out and share them with everyone, especially the judges that hear these cases.

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