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I have been slogging out in this fight for years….literally tens of thousands of hours practicing law and countless thousands just focusing intensely on trying to unlock all the complexities that are part of nearly every foreclosure case.   It’s so often totally overwhelming trying to organize all the mess and trying to make sense of all the complex and conflicting information sloshing around in the court file.

I could not come close to understanding all the majority of the complex issues were it not for the work and contributions of good attorneys from all across this country.   And as a result, we are fortunately long past the point in this national debate where one has to spend time convincing neighbors or decisionmakers that there is far more to foreclosure than a homeowner who may be in default of a mortgage.

I’ve spent years locked in my office pouring over files all day long then when I get home at night I spend hours and hours digging and tracking and chasing down real and credible information and court orders from all across the country.   I’ve spent untold thousands of dollars on one continuing legal education session or another and while all have been valuable….all of them combined together were not nearly as valuable as the one legal education session I’ve been spending hours and hours and hours with over the last several weeks…


Now we all now know how important the failures of the lenders and their attorneys are. We all have some understanding of the problems with MERS and we all know if not specifically, then absolutely directly, that these problems have some impact on our individual cases….the real impediment however is understanding how all of these much, much bigger problems impact each of our individual cases.   And that’s where these online seminars really make the rubber hit the road.   For days now, I’ve had the video seminars playing through my ipad while I take notes here on my laptop…..and the information is just nothing short of earth shattering and career changing.

The real point of this blog has been to get case law and developing rules and judicial evolution out there for all the world to challenge and attack and rip apart and refine and present over and over again.   CLE seminars are valuable, but I gotta tell you the on-demand video access provided in these online seminars is just so phenomenal…watching for a few hours, taking notes, stopping and starting again and then picking up all over again.

Now the information contained in this video (as with all information on this blog) is not legal advice.   This blog and this post are part of a much larger and far more important effort to educate members of the Bar and to engage everyday Americans in the most important political discussion of our generation.   Please just watch this video then click on the link above for details about more of the sessions that are available.   We all owe it to our courts and to our country to study and apply these complex and critical lessons.


  • frustrated says:

    Matt- Thanks! This was very helpful to watch and to listen to – more than once. And, many thanks for all of the information and the education that you are providing – may you be able to continue.

  • pam says:

    Excellent information, and you’re right, if this can become common knowledge, then judges have to start listening. Thanks for sharing.

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